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doMore is Australia's #1 education marketplace where teachers and schools list classes events, workshops and get new students.

doMore allows teachers to post informative profiles featuring their skills and they classes they teach.

Create a doMore profile & advertise as many classes and courses as you like for free!

Be found on Australia's #1 Education Marketplace! Promote yourself or your business with a doMore profile. It's more like a mini site. It's feature packed and has more functionality than most small business websites do today! You can send invoices, take payments, grow your reputation online with great student reviews, customize your profile with your brand, publish articles, rank higher in search engine results and so much more! Best of all there are no joining, listing or monthly fees!

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Add start dates to your class listing and receive student enrolments!

Adding your classes and courses to the doMore marketplace ensures you'll reach a far greater pool of students looking for local and online teachers, courses, classes and lessons! When your classes have start dates posted, students will be able to enrol with you instantly no matter what time of day they are searching and feeling inspired. We also guarantee results or no fees. We retain a success fee of 12.5% only when we send you an enrolment. That's it!

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Instead of waiting for them to find you!

With our doMore "Teacher Finder" service, students looking to learn a specific subject are matched with teachers with the right expertise. Any registered teacher - whether they have listed their classes or not - can accept the teacher request leads and respond to the potential student.

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Need a tailored approach to attract new students?

Contact us today about doMore 360°, our 360° sales and marketing service. We can build or improve your SEO and PPC campaigns, assess and recommend improvements to your sales conversion process, and even build Landing Pages and websites for your school.

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Teachers love us…

  • Lyndon Wesley
    Lyndon Wesley
    Song City

    Working with doMore has been great. We've really appreciated the business they have sent our way and we look forward to much more of it in the future. Great work doMore, keep it up!
  • Matt Morris
    Matt Morris
    Whiskey Tasting

    doMore's been a great addition to our marketing strategy. It's a great site and the tools are very easy to use
  • Melbourne Meditation Centre
    Matthew Young
    Melbourne Meditation Centre

    So there's no sign up costs or monthly fees, doMore will upload my courses and I only pay for results? I'm in!

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