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Hurstville Music Classes
Explore local and online Music classes, events, and workshops

  • 1.

    Caterina Franco Music Tuition

    No Reviews Yet

    Musicianship Tuition โ€“ Musicianship Lessons/Sutherland Shire

    1 session available

    Musicianship is designed for any music student beginning their study of the language of music. At Caterina Franco Music tuition, we provide the guidance…

    Accepts Enrollments | Free Session Available

  • 2.

    Aegean Music School

    No Reviews Yet

    Guzheng Lessons

    1 session available

    One to one tutoring guzheng lessons are offered for students who are interested in playing a unique Chinese traditional string instrument.

    Accepts Enrollments | Free Session Available

  • 3.


    No Reviews Yet

    Glee Club for Adults

    1 session available for $15.00

    Our Glee Club classes provide people of all ages with the perfect opportunity to sing as a group. It's like a choir, but more fun! You'll develop aural…

    Accepts Enrollments

    See 3 classes from AllAgeMusic »
  • 4.

    Anna Damayanti

    No Reviews Yet

    Appassionato Music Academy Hurstville

    1 session available for $33.00

    Appassionato Music Academy provides the complete music education, for children and adult alike. Our professional teachers are caring and passionate musicians…

    Accepts Enrollments

  • 5.

    Rebecca Ly

    No Reviews Yet

    Piano Lessons with Rebecca (in Riverwood)

    1 session available for $50.00

    Quality Piano Lessons from a Qualified and Experienced Teacher. HSC music tutoring, exam preparation and music theory lessons also available.

    Accepts Enrollments

  • 6.

    All Arts Academy

    No Reviews Yet

    Recorder lessons

    2 sessions available starting from $35.00

    We teach most musical instruments and offer Piano lessons, Guitar lessons, Singing Lessons, Drum Lessons, Cello Lessons, Violin Lessons, Flute lessons…

    Accepts Enrollments

  • 7.


    No Reviews Yet

    Professional SongCoaching

    1 session available for $70.00

    One-on-one lessons in songwriting. Learn the techniques that pro-songwriters use everyday to bring their songs to life. The craft of songwriting is a skill…

    Accepts Enrollments | Online Session Available

  • 8.

    TresMambo Latin Music School

    No Reviews Yet

    Musical Instrument Tuition

    Musical Instrument Tuition Sydney's hippest and most effective lessons, classes and music teachers for: TRUMPET: SAXOPHONE: GUITAR: BASS: PIANO: DRUM…


  • 9.

    Dr Bs Music School

    No Reviews Yet

    Early Child Program (3 - 6 years of age)

    Early Child Program (3 - 6 years of age) These program is specifically designed for kids from the ages of 3 - 6 and focus on fun games to improve all…

    3 to 6 year olds | Beginner | Online Session Available

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