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Smart Drive courses

Hobart, TAS

Subject: Driving

Smart Drive courses

Our Smart Drive courses are for anyone who drives a motor vehicle.
Maybe you drive to and from work, and/or drive as part of your job. If so then you are participating in the most dangerous activity a human can do and putting yourself at a high risk of injury or death.

Our aim at MST is to provide courses that are out of the ordinary; with the latest research, practical activities proven to reduce your crash risk but also to make it fun and engaging for everyone, no matter what your driving level or skill.


Please contact us for upcoming dates and/or more information about this class Please contact us for upcoming dates and/or more information about this class.


134 Davey St
Hobart, TAS 7000

Skill level



The teachers

Welcome to Motor Safe Tasmania

Defensive Driving / Advanced Driving
Our Specifically designed programs create...

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Welcome to Motor Safe Tasmania

Defensive Driving / Advanced Driving
Our Specifically designed programs create safer
and crash free drivers in any vehicle in any situation!

Motor Safe Tasmania (MST) is a driver safety organisation based in Hobart and servicing the entire state of Tasmania

We have the best facilities to provide the best training courses:

Smart Drive
4WD Courses
ATV & Motorcycle Training

About Us:

Motor Safe Tasmania (MST) is committed to providing the highest standard and quality of advanced driver safety to you individually, or as a company seeking reduced company claims and implementing OH&S requirements.

Our advanced driver safety philosophy implements a proven system that was founded by the police in Britain in 1935. The system is referred to as the “system of vehicle control” (SOVC), the SOVC is continuously adapting and refined by the world’s most respected road driving experts.

The methodology is to create and advance a drivers ability to operate a motor vehicle in any condition smoothly and operate to the system for greater control should a hazard become apparent.
The system of vehicle control consists of:

Scanning—Identifying hazards in sufficient time and observing road conditions constantly
Position—Placing the vehicle correctly to be able to see clearly
Speed—Appropriately choosing the correct speed to match the environment
Gear—Selecting the appropriate gear for the condition
Acceleration—Identifying when it is safe and appropriate to resume speed

Our philosophy is to also advance a drivers perception on what a hazard may consist of, and drive in a manner that allows prevention of a collision despite the incorrect actions of others.

Advanced driver safety places all of the responsibility on the driver of the chosen vehicle, and in the environment in which they are driving, through increased knowledge, responsible, courteous and proactive behaviour.

Advanced driver safety reduces the chances of a driver getting involved in a crash no matter what conditions may arise, advanced driver safety also requires drivers to constantly self assess and up date their driving skills regularly and to never allow complacency.

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Offered through

Motor Safe Tasmania