Canterbury's Fitness Gem

Posted by Angela Polefitness on March 16, 2013

Canterbury's Fitness Gem
Pole Fitness Studios(C)

You will tick all the boxes regarding your fitness needs, at Pole Fitness Studios®, 193 Canterbury Rd, the original studio and the only gymnasium like it in Australia.

Gymnastics, according to the Institute of sport is the ideal, all-over fitness and conditioning regime. It is super fun because of the aerodynamic sensations you get from swinging, rolling, flipping, handstands, cartwheels etc.

However not all of us feel fitness ready, or have the mindset to do these exercises today and Pole Fitness® is the solution.

The pole offers you a sturdy assistant at all times, helping with balance. The stretches help you relax and realign the spine, improving posture, conditioning the joints and providing a great way to fix back pain. The exercises will improve your stretch level and strengthen you up fast!

When spinning, the Pole Fitness® program brings on a lightweight ‘flying’ effect, a superb feeling and a great way to train for amateurs and athletes and everyone in between.

You are able to take the program at the exact pace that suits you because PFS® classes will give you a complete understanding of the aerodynamic formulas needed and the safety grips and locks required.

There are hundreds of vertical pole gymnastic exercises to master. Angela Perry, director and the creator of the program, is an expert in the field with more than a decade of experience.

No surprise that this studio is a proud Winner in the Local Small Business Awards 2012 by Precedent.

Offering a flexible timetable, great membership prices and a sanctuary to make your own, this is definitely money well spent.

Check out the many health benefits at and book into a New Beginner Class today on 0404 860 265. One class positively changes your perception of pole and will motivate you with a fun solution to all your fitness needs.


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