Being bilingual or multi lingual is a big plus in this modern world!

Posted by Melina Mard on October 18, 2016

Being bilingual or multi lingual is a big plus in this modern world!

Learning a second or third language is neither easy nor impossible! Researches have proven that learning languages at childhood is more beneficial than waiting till you reach adulthood and I totally agree with that as I have learnt three languages at the same time when I started speaking that is from the age of two.  Later in life being bilingual has been of an immense importance to me while travelling that is speaking both English and French open more doors for you since you won't have language barrier.  

Wow!  Isn't that great to hear??..

As I have always wanted to help other people in learning foreign languages mostly a so 'beautiful' language like French,  I have therefore learnt from my tutoring experience and noticed that THERE ARE NO AGES to learn a language.  I have had students from 10 - 75 years old and I can tell you that if you have the opportunity to have a dedicated tutor like me who cares and willing to meet her students expectations and needs then YES it's never late to learn another language.  

During the sessions with my students I get to know their needs deeper and deeper so that I can fulfill their dream that is 'LEARNING ANOTHER LANGUAGE' and becoming FLUENT with a great accent!

There is nothing so rewarding when you go overseas and be able to speak the language of that country!

So, whether you have decided to learn another language or you are just considering to learn it ...I would say PLEASE GO AHEAD!

I would be so pleased to accompany you through your journey!




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