Transformation - More than Meets the Eye

Posted by juggernautPT on September 05, 2011

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Transformation - More than Meets the Eye..

Here's a question for you? Have you ever seen/met someone and while they were talking you noticed something you don't see everyday...

In the Rocky Movies, Survivor called it 'Eye of the Tiger' you may call it an epiphany, whatever label you put to it, at the end of the day something has happened internally in that person. An ignition of an unstoppable force, something so powerful that it's immediately evident to others... it convey's to those around them that there is no doubt that they will achieve their goals.

Over the years in the fitness game I've seen this in many people. It is a look that makes an instant impression because it tells me that person has passed the point of no return.

One such time I saw this in a guy called Pete, he hadn't even exercised regularly for the better part of a decade. When he started, he told me that he wanted to do a 14km fun-run in just a few weeks time, but he was afraid that he had left it too late and would never make the distance.

Despite his fear of even admitting this to me, I saw something in his eyes that day that told me that he wanted it more than anything, so. we went to work

He trained, hard and smart over those next few weeks and come the morning of the run. He still had fear but he was ready to face it.

It was after he successfully completed the run that look in his eye truly shone through... Every time he told me he wanted to run a harder or longer event, I instantly believed him because that look in his eyes never waned. This year he completed a 500km ultra-endurance event in the Kimberly Desert despite a less than ideal preparation that is still just a fraction of the power you wield.

Look into the eyes of any person who has just begun to truly work to achieving their goals, personal or professional it doesn't matter. There is something there, they are ready to take on any challenge that stands in their way and they are not prepared to settle for anything less than success.

Now look at people who have achieved their goals, see the sweet satisfaction? For those whose mission it was to change their health and fitness, they now live in the body that they feel comfortable with and their horizons open up before them. What an amazing feeling that is. 

So if you haven't started on your journey or find you are never making a significant change. Are you still living life in your "before" body? 

Sure, you have obstacles that get in your way – your schedule, your job, your kids, the weather, your bad knee…but ultimately you have relegated yourself to accepting that body. 

I'm going to repeat that so it will really sink in. 

You have the body that you have accepted. 

Transform from "Before" to "After"

You may not realize it, but you already posses everything you need to transform your body, and it all starts with taking responsibility for the body that you have today.
You are in your current shape because, until this moment, you've been OK with it. 

Oh I know you aren't thrilled with it, and you even talk about losing weight and getting fit - but at the end of the day you haven't changed what you'll accept. But that can change... 

Here's how to start transform your body in 3 steps:

Step One: Pass your point of no return

It has been said that emotion creates motion. This is essential when it comes to personal transformation. Just like those folks in those "before" pictures, to transform your body you must first decide that you can't live another day in the body you currently have.
Get your emotions stirred up. Make a list of all the reasons that you're ready to lose weight and get fit. Find the reasons that until now you have been afraid to face and find that driving force within you. 

Step Two: Decide What You Want

Without clarity you'll never get where you want to go. Now that you're no longer accepting to

settle for the the body you have, decide what the body you can feel confident about looks like. 

Think in concrete and specific terms, ones that excite you. Just like the captions under ‘before" and "after" pictures - "Anthony Found more than a Quick Fix," "Mark lost `12cm from his belly," "Col and Sandy - began a new life of Adventure." 

Get a clear picture in your mind of what you'll look like in your "after" picture and decide what the caption will read. 

Step Three: Take Action
The time spent between your inspiration (now) and taking action determines whether you will succeed or fail. Don't allow yourself to get stuck between inspiration and action - there is something you can do right now!

It can be throwing out the junk-food in your house, telling those closest to you that you WILL do this or taking action by contacting me (via the blue contact button at the top right of this screen) now to set up that first session you've been putting off. 

I am here as an ally for you to take you from "before" to "after". What will your story be?



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