35 Can't Miss Tips to Fitness Success

Posted by juggernautPT on August 17, 2011

35 Can't Miss Tips to Fitness Success


So if you don't know, I am currently embarking on my own personal 80 day challenge to not only regain former athletic ability but to surpass it. This got me to thinking,  if I could corner some top and respected fitness gurus and get just a little bit of their knowledge to share with you. Together we could help a heap of people power through the challenges that inevitably pop up to achieve their goals and surpass all expectations, no matter where they were in the world.

I politely asked some of my fellow fitness experts as well as my awesome team of local experts the juggernaut Personal Trainers but I didn't sto

p there I asked friends, associates, celebrities, clients, people on the street, small fluffy animals and various inanimate objects to give you the inside track on their very best tips to achieving fitness success. I  was so polite I even said please, thank you and everything!

After a few emails and assuring them that I give credit where credit is due,  I got a sweet collection of tips back in time for this article's publication and worth their weight in gold.  Some of these folks are guru’s, others are have achieved success in their fitness and health far beyond  what they initally expected and still others are people I just plain respect. But all of these are pretty awesome tips.

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There is no particular sequence to this, I just popped them in as they rolled in, enjoy and take action!

Top 3 Fitness Success Tips from




Tip 1: It's quality not quantity!! You can train 3 hrs a day 7 days a week, but if your training isn't quality your wasting your time!

Tip 2: Get out of the gym and get outside! I'm not just saying that because I'm a bootcamp instructor! Training outside also trains all of your senses not just your muscles, it keeps you stimulated and keeps you going!

Tip 3: You control your body!!! Don't give up when things get tough!! Gritt your teeth and tell yourself I CAN DO IT!! And you will!

Guy is a Fitness Bootcamp and 1-1 Tactical Conditioning Specialist in Melbourne, you can find out more about Guy at juggernautPT.com





Tip 1: the value and ease of active recovery! Using the Intu-Flow program as recovery from previous days training and

the RESET technique asrecovery from previous intense workout set. Have both opened better movement, better recovery, less down time and greater results with less duration of training.


How that looks? Instead of doing hour long cardio sessions, I now do short intense continuous 15-20min sessions (intermittent training) (e.g. TABATA) 20sec to 4min sets of cardio challenging dynamic movement.

Tip 2: the joy of exploratory play with exercise ~ flow. Using the Prasara “flow” concept for not only CST practice but any movement practice I now choose to do with the CST 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF).


How that looks? Specific CST programs like FlowFit; Forward Pressure and TACFIT have me doing “unusual” movements targeting and taking my body into ranges and positions I had not previously though of as useful workout options. Opening the idea of 6DOF (if you are game) opens you to a whole new world of play!

Tip 3:The hidden strength in swinging. CST introduced me to Clubbells before Kettlebells. The beauty of swinging weights is that it adds traction and torsion to the shoulder joints, opening ranges of strength previously unavailable. Plus, that increased strength (for me as a girl) is not a result of muscle mass.


How does that look? For my Martial Arts practice, my grappling and throwing strength surpasses my appearance (which in Martial arts is a nice hidden strength). For my practice, all movements, all forms of weight training have improved whilst I have reduced my mass size somewhat.


#1Tip for those who do not know CST - take a look! Some of the movements do at first look strange, but, once you know how to do them safely and efficiently… oh boy is the exercise fun.


And once you are keen to play with your movement utilising your available 6DOF, your whole being comes alive ~ becomes more efficient and more effective. Give it a go swing & flow with CST; it’s a refreshing way to move and train.


Australasian CST Head Coach

Donna Eddy

Donna is based in Sydney and is the Australian Head Coach of Circular Strength Training you can learn more at cstaustralia.com.au/ or attend her upcoming course in Sydney commencing August 19th 2011, more details at cstaustralia.com.au/cst-certification





Tip 1: No grey areas its all black and white... you either eat well or you don't ... you either train like a demon or not at all... no grey areas.

Tip 2: Train your mind just as hard as your body.. once the mind is fit the rest follows.

Tip 3: You are what you eat ... rubbish nutrition equals rubbish results/ performance


Mitch is a former juggernaut Personal Trainer






Tip 1: The right mindset


Getting the right mindset is the first step to fitness success. You need to want to make a change and be prepared to make the sacrifices required tomake it happen. Establish short term goals which are achievable and continue to review these goals as you reach them. Determine your driving factor which will switch your mindset from making excuses as to why it’s all too hard, to making a permanent and sustainable change which makes fitness become a part of your life.

Tip 2: Fuel for your body

Food is fuel for your body and if you don’t put the right things in, you can’t expect your body to perform at its best. This doesn’t mean there can never be the odd indulgence but it’s about how often you make that choice. If you eat the right foods long enough it becomes easier to stick to and you are far less likely to want the wrong foods. An important aspect of this is being organised, think ahead and don’t find yourself hungry with nothing else around other than the café with all the bad stuff!

Tip 3:Perseverance

Perseverance - this is a word I use a lot with my 5 year old. Simply – never give up! It’s only natural there will be ups and downs and there will be times when getting out of bed to exercise will be tough. In these moments it’s important to persevere, don’t think too much, get yourself up and just do it. Don’t let any setbacks you encounter along the way to your goals hold you back, move forward and learn from it and you will become a much stronger person both mentally and physically. Finally, believe that impossible is nothing and there will be no end to what you can achieve in both fitness and in life.

Dani is a juggernaut Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor based in Doncaster you can learn more about her at juggernautPT.com



1.  ALWAYS return to the basics.


A house is only as strong as it's foundation. To build a house that withstands the storms and trials of time, you must build it on a strong and solid baseand continually check for signs of weakness. The same goes for your body. Focus on the basics, check for weaknesses, and build the body you want on a solid foundation.

2.  Make it serious fun by training skills.

Handstands, tumbling, cool tricks, oh my! When you focus on skills, you'll still get strong, but you'll also have fun. The key to building strength with skill training is... to always return to the basics. Practice every movement with solid technique and total control. Challenge yourself to move a little cleaner each time, and you'll find yourself getting stronger and moving on to more difficult skills faster.


3.  Log your sessions... with Video

Old school bodybuilders used to carry notebooks to the gym and fill page after page with numbers of sets, reps, and the weights they had lifted. Logging your work is a powerful discipline, but it's really boring. Make your log more effective with video. Just record the final set of each session (you don't need to be the next Scorsese or anything - the video on your mobile phone is perfect) and upload it as a private video in YouTube. Now you've got an instant video log of your training, and as a bonus, you can watch the videos to check your form and make improvements for next time.


Ryan is based in Japan and is Program Director of Gold Medal Bodies, you can learn more at goldmedalbodies.com. He will be running a GMB Course in Sydney in the coming weeks contact his team at goldmedalbodies.com/contact/





Tip 1: Sweat a lot and sweat often - any way you like, simple as that


Tip 2: dont remember where i heard this..... motivation is like a bad boyfriend, never there when you need it. Dont wait to feel ready or motivated just make yourself do it. Pick something you usually enjoy then just get started once you are there you usually get into it.

Tip 3: Nutrition is key. Balance is important but nutrition will make or break your ultimate success. Whether it be hydrating yourself well before a

session so you can get the most out of it. Or restricting your portion sizes / cutting out processed carbs to get the lean weight you desire. You can't out-train bad nutrition

Cara is a former juggernautPT Bootcamp Instructor, she still provides her nutritional expertise to our trainers and clients, she can be contacted through juggernautPT.com





Tip 1: Find a good trainer/mentor, some one with experience that can help guide you. The difference between you achieving your desired results andyou not, can sometimes lie in the hands of your trainer. So make sure your trainer can handle the task.

Tip 2: Put together a training plan that is ideal for an elite athlete, during this process Think extreme and round up the intensity. After this, then modify it slightly to suit your development. But always ensure the plan is tough, its always better to fall slightly short of a tough plan then to not be challenged. Next step is to put together a nutrition plan that will refuel your body, according to the training that you will undertake.  Dont skimp out, or you will not be able to perform at your best.

Tip 3: Write your program down, track it and review it daily. Make changes if neccessary. Remember the more you reduce the intensity the further you are from being unstoppable!

Pete is an ultra-endurance runner based in Melbourne. In 2010 he was one of only a handful of  International Runners to complete 5 x 250km desert races as part of the Racing the Planet Series. In early 2011 he completed the Track Outback Race a 590km event held in the Kimberly Desert. He can be contacted through us at[email protected]





Tip 1:I'm a staunch believer in the power of positive thinking. Before I start harping on about karma and in leading you all in a raucous chorus of"Koombuya" let me explain on a simpler level. One of my favorite sayings is from Taoist philosophy "every journey begins with a single step". I've had periods of time where I felt my own body was my worst enemy, I hated looking in the mirror, to be honest not only did I look unfit and overweight, but I looked old, worn out, and plain miserable.

The worst thing was that I looked at the fit and healthy and simply thought that that period of time had passed for me, I'd never be able to mix it up with the young folk again. It was time to hang up my gloves, and simply give up on the whole endeavour. I literally had to hit rock bottom before I realised that the only way left was actually up. As soon as this realisation hit me, my whole mindset changed. If you're reading this now, then you're already conscious of your health and lifestyle, and this in itself is a victory! You've taken that first step mentally, and you're ready to embark on your own personal journey of self-improvement.

The mind is the most powerful tool in acheiving anything in life, and where your mind goes your body is willing and eager to follow! Set yourself minor goals, like taking a nice evening walk, or perhaps revisiting some of those sporting endeavours that you enjoyed in your youth. Every forward step taken is a win for you and will boost your self-belief, and you will rapidly find that your whole attitude towards life will reflect this change.

Before you ever see any huge change in that person staring back in the mirror, the people in your life will notice and begin to comment. Have you changed your hair? Is that a new outfit perhaps? No... What they will actually be noticing is your new attitude. You've started the ball rolling, and you're winning the battle - victory by victory - and you're never going to look back, you're never going to be a victim again.

In fact its not a battle anymore, its just plain FUN! Get ready, because the compliments will keep flowing, and the fun doesn't stop! You're hooked, and its one of the few addictions that will change absolutely everything in your world for the better! Where the mind goes, the body and soul are sure to follow!

Tip 2: Train smarter not harder! As children we are programmed to believe that there are no shortcuts to anywhere truly worth going. Time and time again I will enter my local gym and see the same people, struggling and toiling with tough self-appointed workouts that seem to give no fast or tangible results!

This can be extremely discouraging, and after a month or two , all too often they will simply give up - not to be heard from again - or at least until their next fitness "push". This is how the big players in the industry, (can anyone say F...... F....?) make a bulk of their profits - from people "giving up" through lack of any clear progress - but still being hooked into a nasty 12 month contract. They are actually banking on the fact that many patrons will fail!

Let's face it, gyms (in particular those free weights areas) can be intimidating for females, and many guys will squander their time flailing ineffectively with those free weights simply because their egos make it feel too shameful to seek assistance.

Speaking fromexperience I can honestly say that being "fit" does NOT mean having to toil for hour upon hour in a "dungeon" mindset. It should be a fun and rewarding experience, not a punishment. Make that valuable training time and effort as effective as it can be by empowering yourself with knowledge - rather that shooting in the dark. It doesn't matter what your body composition or fitness level may be, the right combination of effective and safe training techniques and positive nutritional information, WILL get you the results you desire.

There is a veritable flood of contradictory information and misinformation out there, from publications to internet discussions (not to forget those wonderful Ab-Contraption infomercials), you simply need to find that *right* information.

Any knowledgeable fitness professional worth their salt should be able to tailor a miriad of training techniques to work for you - that will not only deliver real measurable results in a timely manner, but as a bonus they should also be able to motivate you with their sheer enthusiasm, sense of fun, and their unbridled belief that everyone deserves a richer and ultimately more rewarding lifestyle. Remember to check their credentials, not just their personality!

Do they walk the walk? They should be just as committed and passionate about your goals as you are, and provide assurance and accountability that your hard fought efforts Will reap proven results.

Tip 3: Remember the social benefits of a fit and healthy lifestyle, and learn to use them to your advantage, rather than your detriment. Once you make the decision to take some positive steps in your journey, you will quickly find that certain people will support you and reinforce your self belief, while others will try their damndest to make you quit and return to your old ways.

Remember, deep down its only because they feel guilt about not making that effort themselves, and nothing terrifies them more than the fact that you might really succeed. Its a natural subconscious reaction, kind-of a fitness "tall poppy syndrome". Don't let these naysayers destroy your ambitions, rather, use them as motivation to steel your resolve and make you doubly determined to prove them wrong!

Remember, You can't fly like an eagle when you waddle with ducks. Since fitness became a lifestyle for me, I've had the great fortune and extreme pleasure of meeting some of the most inspirational people I could possibly imagine. These are the "can do" people, the quiet and seemingly effortless acheivers who make everything look so easy, and who are simply a joy to behold.

This goes with the territory - start taking positive steps and you will instictively seek out positive influences, and be saught out by likeminded people. Whatever method you choose to engage in, be it a bootcamp, a boxing ring, or a walking group, you will find your social circle begins to rapidly expand in a positive manner. What may, at first, have seemed like an intimidating environment will quickly transition into a place of acceptance, support, and encouragement - and believe me, as long as you are positive in your effort and contribution, you WILL earn the acceptance of those around you - even the grudging respect of those who used to try to drag you down (though they may never admit it to your face! )...


Tip 4:High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) - Next time you're looking at athletic footage, comapre the body of a sprinter with that of a marathon runner. They both spend a bulk of their time putting hours in at the track, yet they have markedly different body compositions. While a long-distance runner often looks skinny and drawn, a sprinter will look quite muscluar and "jacked".

This is because while both run, the long-distance runner will pace themselves with long sessions of solid state cardio, and a sprinter will use powerful short bursts at near maximum effort. The marathon runner will certainly burn fat (over time), unfortunately these long sessions of cardio will also turn their systems catabolic, or muscle wasting. The sprinter on the other hand, following his/her training plan of many short high effort bursts, will also burn fat - but this method will actually turn the body into an anabolic state, or muscle building.

I've been utilising both HIIT and steady state cardio in my training routine for some time now, and I've found that a 20 minute session of one minute HIIT intervals (1 min of maximum effort followed by 1 min of jogging, repeated for 20 minutes) has many benefits over the old fashioned 45 minute steady state treadmill bouts, which often leave me bored and feeling like a hampster running in his little turning wheel..

A very recent study, out of Australia no less, reported that a group of females who followed a 20-minute HIIT program lost an amazing six times more bodyfat than a group that followed a 40-minute cardio program performed at a constant intensity of 60% of their maximum heart rate. This is because those 20 minutes of near maxaimum effort will "rev up" your metabolism for hours to come after the training is complete, whereas steady state cardio pretty-much ends as soon as the cardio stops.

That's right, in less than half the time, I can burn far more calories AND build more muscle. (not forgetting that more muscle mass also raises your metabolism and helps your body burn more fat at rest) HIIT is not for the faint of heart, these sprint sessions are hardcore to the max, but if you work up to them gradually you will be glad that you did! You will start looking pumped, and watch in amazement as your bodyfat starts simply melting away!


Tip 5: The lights go up as the combatants step into the ring.. The crowd, on the very edge of their seats, draws a collective breath as the combatants touch gloves.. Queue "Eye of the Tiger" as the referee's bell tolls the opening of the first round. Ding ding!! There's no doubt about it, over the last few decades the excitement of boxing has worked its way into our collective consciousness becoming one of the most popular methods of fitness training, with circuit classes and padwork drills finding huge appeal with both male and females of many agegroups. A combination of speed, coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance, and footwork coupled with the universal appeal of "blowing off some steam" makes for a devestating workout that's bound to get the heart (the most important muscle in the human body) pumping. While I completely approve of any workout method that really encourages a trainee to tap every last reserve of pent-up energy, I know that even the "sweet science" can be darstically improved upon.

Enter kickboxing! If you've ever compared the physique of a boxer with a kickboxer, you'll immediately notice just how "ripped" the kickboxer will look in comparison. This is due to the fact that the largest and most efficient muscles in the human body are found in our legs. Under active stimulation our leg muscles require more oxygen to operate, they produce more of the muscle building chemical known as ATP, they even assist the body in producing greater levels of testosterone (a benefit to everyone, not just the guys!) and their employment stimulates a far more pronounced fat burning effect. Professional and amateur boxers alike are even wise to these facts, which is why the standard start to a day's training for a boxer begins by stimulating the cardiovascular system and leg muscles with with a jog (interestingly, the great man - Muhammad Ali, owes his succees in the ring, his incredible endurance, and amazing foot speed, to running 5 miles every morning in an old pair of combat boots - rather than sneakers!).

After 5 minutes of boxing padwork you'll be starting to breath hard, yet after throwing only the first couple of kicks at Thai pads (special pads that can be both punched and kicked) you will be breathing even harder. And best of all, because kickboxing harnesses our latent "killer instince", the difference in effort is barely noticable until the workout is complete! You'll have better coordination, more flexibility, and soon, the ripped physique shared by kickboxers the world over, with fantastic toned legs and awesome bulging calves! And its far easier than it looks - after just a very brief introductions I can guarantee that you'll be blasting away at those pads like a seasoned pro!

Chris is a Melbourne Based Martial Artist, Fitness Model and Personal Trainer, he is currently preparing for his next Body Sculpting Competition



*Gary's Note. I asked Sarah to take part in this post, not only because Financial Success and Fitness Success both rely on very similar principles but as long as I've known her Sarah has successfully grown her professional career whilst staying active*

Financial success is generally quite simple, and can be achieved with a slow and steady approach by almost anyone. If you have a complex situation it is certainly important to seek the advice of experts however, if you are not yet ready to engage the services of a qualified financial adviser, there are a few key things that anyone can put in motion at any time to get on the right path. Similar to achieving your health and fitness goals, it’s important to know where you’re going, have a clear picture of where you’re at and build a plan to get you there.


Tip 1: Know where you are now


Without having a clear picture of your current finances, you will be ill equipped to build a plan for achieving any kind of wealth. Many people hate thethought of doing a budget, while in reality it’s quite a simple process, the easiest approach is to use a spreadsheet (a template can be found here: http://ow.ly/5Ei9V), add in your after-tax income, and then begin to list all of your weekly, monthly or annual expenses. This will give you a good idea of what you are spending your money on and what is left over at the end of the year. Then quickly make a list of all of your assets, and any debts that you currently hold, you can use this spreadhseet (http://ow.ly/5EinW) as an example, essentially you need to add up all your assets and subtract any liabilities, this gives you your net wealth.

Tip 2: Know where you’re going

As they say, you have a 95% chance of achieving your goals if you write them down. So… this is the fun part, create a list of all the things you would like to achieve over the next 3 years (or any timeframe really) and then attach a figure to each goal, the figure represents what it will cost you in financial terms to reach that goal. By going through this exercise and taking the time to write down your goals, you’ll have a far greater attachment to them, it’s a great idea to put them on your fridge or another place that you will look at each day.

Tip 3: Build a plan

Now you know where you are, and where you’re headed, you simply need to create a plan to get your existing net wealth to match the above goals you have set for yourself. As an example, if one of your goals is to save $60,000 for a home deposit in 18 months, and you have $12,000 already saved you will simply need to contribute $2,666 per month to a savings account ($60,000 - $12,000 / 18 months). For a goal like this, an online bank account paying a high rate of interest is a great place to accumulate your savings over the short term. If you have more long-term wealth building goals, and are interested in investing, it would be prudent to seek professional advice regarding your investment options.

Sarah is a qualified and experienced Financial Planner, you can find out more about her company atWealthEnhancers.com.au






* Gary's Note I had some issues embedding Paul's Video into the main blog, So here's the link for his Video on juggernaut's YouTube Channel with his 3 Top tipsfor effective Self- Defense*


To see Paul's Video Click Here or goto this link http://youtu.be/QWbwCl_C-4E

Paul is based in Perth and has over 35 years experience in Martial Arts and Instructs in Reality Based Self Defense Systems and Traditional Martial Arts. You can check out more on Paul at his Facebook Page



Okays Folks, So Here are my tips;)

Tip 1:  Trust the Infomercials

Stay up late at night watch the infomercials and buy the latest Ab machine, so you too can have an amazing transformation with no challenge at all!

Tip 2: Forget Nutrition it's all about the Magic Pills Baby!

What food and drink you put into your body to process every day, doesn't relate to how you feel or perform unless of course it's a well-priced Supplement then it will work just like the label says to make me instantly stronger, musclier or some kind of Fat-Burning Rocket, torching through a million calories a minute.

Tip 3: Try everything and don't stick to anything

Be like Teflon and try every Free Session, Discount Deal and giveaway on the planet with no intention of sticking with it. Even if you really like one, just move on to the next without a second thought.

So there you go faithful readers..now be sure to send me your comments on this article to[email protected] letting me know.

1. Which was your favourite tip

2. Adding any of your own that are working for you right now

It's really important you do this and 'Like' this article so I know what you would like to see more of AND to show all these amazing people support and giving their time and effort to put this outstanding blog post together that you can refer to again and again.

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