Barre vs HIIT vs Pilates - which class is for you?

Posted by Core Candy on January 30, 2015

The styles of classes that Core Candy offers are all so
different and we always get asked “Which one will I like best?”, “Which class is better for [x, y, z] issue?” “Is Accelerate too hard?”

Frankly, I love all three and try to do at least one of each class each week.  But I’m biased!  Here is the low down on the three styles of exercise class at Core Candy:

Core Candy Barre (or Ballet Barre Workout)

A Barre workout is a ballet inspired workout.  It’s super popular in the US (there are over 700 Barre studios across the States) and gaining more popularity in Australia.  Barre workouts are popular because they effectively shape and tone your body in an exciting group format - with great music to motivate you to get through those dreaded (and loved!) glute and thigh exercises. Props we use include the ballet barre, a toning ball, a theraband and hand weights.  Since all of our classes incorporate Pilates core work, you also may use a long foam roller.  The goal is to strengthen, lengthen and tone your muscles (think long, lean dancer like limbs!), as well as lift and tone your glutes.  We also want you to get fitter so we incorporate a little cardio in each  Barre class to get a more rounded work out.  We believe that cardio and resistance training are the keys to a fitter, healthier body.  But don’t worry, it’s not the intense, red-faced, sweat dripping cardio – you’re not in sneakers after all!

Barre is a fitness class – no dance experience or coordination is required.

Best for those who:  crave an effective full body workout but don’t like to sweat too much, like to imagine they are a ballerina while working out, get bored easily (there is no set routine for each class), want to improve all over body strength and tone, posture and flexibility.

Accelerate (a HIIT (high intensity interval training) class)

Accelerate is a circuit style class technique that mixes high intensity cardio with resistance training.

Accelerate is a more athletic and fat burning alternative to our other classes.  Classes are built around circuit training and vary daily – perfect for those who get easily bored with workouts!

Accelerate is the opposite of a Barre class.   Rather than concentrating on working individual muscles, classes focus on functional muscle movement and work many muscle groups at the same time.  We also place close attention to the core - all of our instructors are certified in Pilates.  Equipment used includes springs for resistance, kettlebells, bands, free weights, medicine balls, and anything else we may throw in to challenge you!  You will sweat.  You may be sore. You will increase your endurance, strength and flexibility and will have better all over functional movement.

Best for those who: are time poor and need effective workouts with as little time spent doing it as possible, like to be challenged physically, get bored easily, like to sweat during a workout, like to combine cardio and strength training and want to work out with a motivating group.

Pilates Springboard

Pilates is a full body, low impact workout – the aim is to strengthen your whole body, correct any asymmetries and weaknesses in your body (these lead to injury!) and bring the body back into balance.  We’ll focus on strengthening your core (including abs and back), lengthening your spine, building lean muscle tone and improving your flexibility.   Pilates is sometimes compared with yoga but unlike yoga, you do not hold positions in Pilates.  The movements are flowing - the exercises flow from one to another.  It’s all about controlling your muscles - moving freely, gracefully and evenly.

The Core Candy Pilates Springboard classes incorporate Pilates mat-work and springs attached to the wall for resistance training.   The different spring tensions are used to strengthen and tone your body and improve your core stability.  A lot of Pilates work is done lying down and the Pilates Springboard allows you to be up on your feet, perfecting your posture and balance.  The Pilates Springboard is perfect to use in a group class as the instructor can keep an eye on everyone’s technique much more easily than in a Reformer class, where everyone is spread out or hidden.  Our classes are small so we can focus on your technique so you get the most out of each movement.

Best for: everyone!  We believe that everyone (men, women, athletes, non-athletes) should do some Pilates training.  It helps with injury prevention and rehabilitation, strengthens and tones all muscles and is one of the safest forms of exercise.   

But particular best for those:  with balance issues, who want all over body strength, who are pre or post natal, who don’t like to sweat during a workout (hey – you may need to rush to work or to dinner straight after class!), who hate cardio but want a good all over body workout, who want to strengthen their core, improve posture and flexibility.

The great thing is  - you don’t have to choose!! Try Barre, HIIT and Pilates all at Core Candy. 


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