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Posted by Cardio Salsa Fitness on December 16, 2010



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3 of the best fit ball exercises

Posted by Revive Personal Training on March 03, 2011

3 of the best fit ball exercises
SB Kip

Three of Meg's fav fitball exercises from Caroline Corning Creager’s book, Therapeutic Exercises using the Swiss Ball - still one of the best books going around.
Lower Extremity Kip...

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Winter Motivation

Posted by Revive Personal Training on March 17, 2011

Winter Motivation

The cooler months are about to descend and your motivation can take a battering. Keeping focused and on track can become the motivation itself… or thinking ahead to the warmer months… or turn that bad feeling into a positive action plan.
Cast your mind back to all the winters that have already past. Remember how after each one you scrambled to get the winter weight off? Well not this time, not again! Don’t become a victim of your past habits this year. Use these past disappointments to drive you to keep a check on your winter gain this year so you don’t go into spring with that sinking desperate though; “now I can eat salad again”…Be proactive instead of reactive this year....

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35 Can't Miss Tips to Fitness Success

Posted by juggernautPT on August 17, 2011

35 Can't Miss Tips to Fitness Success

So if you don't know, I am currently embarking on my own personal 80 day challenge to not only regain former athletic ability but to surpass it. This got me to thinking,  if I could corner some top and respected fitness gurus and get just a little bit of their knowledge to share with you. Together we could help a heap of people power through the challenges that inevitably pop up to achieve their goals and surpass all expectations, no matter where they were in the world.
I politely asked some of my fellow fitness experts as well as my awesome team of local experts the juggernaut Personal Trainers but I didn't sto
p there I asked friends, associates, celebrities, clients, people on the street, small fluffy animals and various inanimate objects to give you the inside track on their very best tips to achieving fitness success. I  was so polite I even said please, thank you and everything!
After a few emails and assuring them that I give credit where credit is due,  I got a sweet collection of tips back in time for this article's publication and worth their weight in gold.  Some of these folks are guru’s, others are have achieved success in their fitness and health far beyond  what they initally expected and still others are people I just plain respect. But all of these are pretty awesome tips.
Now this is the content in all it's entirety and of course it's totally Free, I have just a small request in return, after you read the post, be sure to email me a comment/s on this article letting me know, all contributions will be added to this article for publication…
Now you can also let me know;
1. Which was your favorite tip
2. Add any tips of your own that are working for you right now
Don’t sit on your hands and just read the post, be part of the team and send through a comment, let these people know they've helped you. Successful people are the ones who get involved, and they make up less then 5% of the population, but it’s those same 5% who realise the power of community, so take action and leave a comment, kay.
Be in the small percent of people who are unstoppable juggernauts in life
And if you haven’t done so already facebook 'like' this post and before digging in be sure to head to opt-in to our juggernaut updates and get instant access to your Free E-book with a further 21 Tips to Fitness Success, remember this is just a small taste of the quality info we want to give you...
There is no particular sequence to this, I just popped them in as they rolled in, enjoy and take action!
Top 3 Fitness Success Tips from
Tip 1: It's quality not quantity!! You can train 3 hrs a day 7 days a week, but if your training isn't quality your wasting your time!
Tip 2: Get out of the gym and get outside! I'm not just saying that because I'm a bootcamp instructor! Training outside also trains all of your senses not just your muscles, it keeps you stimulated and keeps you going!
Tip 3: You control your body!!! Don't give up when things get tough!! Gritt your teeth and tell yourself I CAN DO IT!! And you will!
Guy is a Fitness Bootcamp and 1-1 Tactical Conditioning Specialist in Melbourne, you can find out more about Guy at
Tip 1: the value and ease of active recovery! Using the Intu-Flow program as recovery from previous days training and
the RESET technique asrecovery from previous intense workout set. Have both opened better movement, better recovery, less down time and greater results with less duration of training.
How that looks? Instead of doing hour long cardio sessions, I now do short intense continuous 15-20min sessions (intermittent training) (e.g. TABATA) 20sec to 4min sets of cardio challenging dynamic movement.
Tip 2: the joy of exploratory play with exercise ~ flow. Using the Prasara “flow” concept for not only CST practice but any movement practice I now choose to do with the CST 6 Degrees of Freedom (6DOF).
How that looks? Specific CST programs like FlowFit; Forward Pressure and TACFIT have me doing “unusual” movements targeting and taking my body into ranges and positions I had not previously though of as useful workout options. Opening the idea of 6DOF (if you are game) opens you to a whole new world of play!
Tip 3:The hidden strength in swinging. CST introduced me to Clubbells before Kettlebells. The beauty of swinging weights is that it adds traction and torsion to the shoulder joints, opening ranges of strength previously unavailable. Plus, that increased strength (for me as a girl) is not a result of muscle mass.
How does that look? For my Martial Arts practice, my grappling and throwing strength surpasses my appearance (which in Martial arts is a nice hidden strength). For my practice, all movements, all forms of weight training have improved whilst I have reduced my mass size somewhat.
#1Tip for those who do not know CST - take a look! Some of the movements do at first look strange, but, once you know how to do them safely and efficiently… oh boy is the exercise fun.
And once you are keen to play with your movement utilising your available 6DOF, your whole being comes alive ~ becomes more efficient and more effective. Give it a go swing & flow with CST; it’s a refreshing way to move and train.
Australasian CST Head Coach
Donna Eddy
Donna is based in Sydney and is the Australian Head Coach of Circular Strength Training you can learn more at or attend her upcoming course in Sydney commencing August 19th 2011, more details at
Tip 1: No grey areas its all black and white... you either eat well or you don't ... you either train like a demon or not at all... no grey areas.
Tip 2: Train your mind just as hard as your body.. once the mind is fit the rest follows.
Tip 3: You are what you eat ... rubbish nutrition equals rubbish results/ performance
Mitch is a former juggernaut Personal Trainer
Tip 1: The right mindset
Getting the right mindset is the first step to fitness success. You need to want to make a change and be prepared to make the sacrifices required tomake it happen. Establish short term goals which are achievable and continue to review these goals as you reach them. Determine your driving factor which will switch your mindset from making excuses as to why it’s all too hard, to making a permanent and sustainable change which makes fitness become a part of your life.
Tip 2: Fuel for your body
Food is fuel for your body and if you don’t put the right things in, you can’t expect your body to perform at its best. This doesn’t mean there can never be the odd indulgence but it’s about how often you make that choice. If you eat the right foods long enough it becomes easier to stick to and you are far less likely to want the wrong foods. An important aspect of this is being organised, think ahead and don’t find yourself hungry with nothing else around other than the café with all the bad stuff!
Tip 3:Perseverance
Perseverance - this is a word I use a lot with my 5 year old. Simply – never give up! It’s only natural there will be ups and downs and there will be times when getting out of bed to exercise will be tough. In these moments it’s important to persevere, don’t think too much, get yourself up and just do it. Don’t let any setbacks you encounter along the way to your goals hold you back, move forward and learn from it and you will become a much stronger person both mentally and physically. Finally, believe that impossible is nothing and there will be no end to what you can achieve in both fitness and in life.
Dani is a juggernaut Personal Trainer and Bootcamp Instructor based in Doncaster you can learn more about her at
1.  ALWAYS return to the basics.
A house is only as strong as it's foundation. To build a house that withstands the storms and trials of time, you must build it on a strong and solid baseand continually check for signs of weakness. The same goes for your body. Focus on the basics, check for weaknesses, and build the body you want on a solid foundation.
2.  Make it serious fun by training skills.
Handstands, tumbling, cool tricks, oh my! When you focus on skills, you'll still get strong, but you'll also have fun. The key to building strength with skill training is... to always return to the...

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Transformation - More than Meets the Eye

Posted by juggernautPT on September 05, 2011

The following Article and it's accompanying tips to Fast Start your Transformation appeared in the Sept 1st issue of "juggernaut Thought's". You can get your hands on the next issue, just by heading to and filling in your Name?Email Address in the Right Column plus You'll get the Free Report "5 Must Know Ab Exercises". Kind Regards,  Gaz
Transformation - More than Meets the Eye..
Here's a question for you? Have you ever seen/met someone and while they were talking you noticed something you don't see everyday...
In the Rocky Movies, Survivor called it 'Eye of the Tiger' you may call it an epiphany, whatever label you put to it, at the end of the day something has happened internally in that person. An ignition of an unstoppable force, something so powerful that it's immediately evident to others... it convey's to those around them that there is no doubt that they will achieve their goals.
Over the years in the fitness game I've seen this in many people. It is a look that makes an instant impression because it tells me that person has passed the point of no return.
One such time I saw this in a guy called Pete, he hadn't even exercised regularly for the better part of a decade. When he started, he told me that he wanted to do a 14km fun-run in just a few weeks time, but he was afraid that he had left it too late and would never make the distance.
Despite his fear of even admitting this to me, I saw something in his eyes that day that told me that he wanted it more than anything, so. we went to work
He trained, hard and smart over those next few weeks and come the...

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Barre vs HIIT vs Pilates - which class is for you?

Posted by Core Candy on January 30, 2015

The styles of classes that Core Candy offers are all sodifferent and we always get asked “Which one will I like best?”, “Which class is better for [x, y, z] issue?” “Is Accelerate too hard?”
Frankly, I love all three and try to do at least one of each class each week.  But I’m biased!  Here is the low down on the three styles of exercise class at Core Candy:
Core Candy Barre (or Ballet Barre Workout)
A Barre workout is a ballet inspired workout.  It’s super popular in the US (there are over 700 Barre studios across the States) and gaining more popularity in Australia.  Barre workouts are popular because they effectively shape and tone your body in an exciting group format - with great music to motivate you to get through those dreaded (and loved!) glute and thigh exercises. Props we use include the ballet barre, a toning ball, a theraband and hand weights.  Since all of our classes incorporate Pilates core work, you also may use a long foam roller.  The goal is to strengthen, lengthen and tone your muscles (think long, lean dancer like limbs!), as well as lift and tone your glutes.  We also want you to get fitter so we incorporate a little cardio in each  Barre class to get a more rounded work out.  We believe that cardio and resistance training are the keys to a fitter, healthier body.  But don’t worry, it’s not the intense, red-faced, sweat dripping cardio – you’re not in sneakers after all!
Barre is a fitness class – no dance...

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