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Anonymous Questioner

Looking for ESL class for beginner who has no English back ground want to take 510 hours for Immigration dept.

I am living 286 Central Road, Tylden Vic 3444 has a friend about to arrive in Australia and has no English background and want to taking English lesson for 510 hours required by Immi Dept. Do you have any class in my area.


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Robinson Reserve Neighbourhood House

We do not offer online ES classes

Duc Huynh 2

how much it cost to do English online - ELS

Ashleigh McFadyen

Good morning,

We certainly can provide one on one online ESL tuition, and have had much success with this previously. Our agency has worked with a number of Government departments to provide tuition services all over Australia. I can confirm that tuition costs $55 per hour (including GST).

If this sounds like it may be of interest, please call us on ****, or email us at ****.

Kind regards,

Grace Simpkins Personal Tutors

Robinson Reserve Neighbourhood House

We aren't in your area but if your friend wishes to travel, our beginner English classes run Wednesdays 9.30am - 11.30am. Please call for more infomation

Kind regards

That Tri

Hi Nick,

My friend is religious worker visa a Subclass 428 and now replacing Temporary Work (Long Stay Activitying) Visa (subclass 401). Does your English less cover this Visa for Immigration Dept. Would you please let me know.

Nick Dale


Thank you for your enquiry.
Yes I do offer English Conversation lessons. I am based in Sydney, but your friend can do the lessons online with SKYPE. This is a great way to practice English.
I am a qualified English Language teacher with 12 years experience.
But this is not a government registered school, so I don't know if it acceptable for the Immigration Dept.
Anyway, please contact me if you would like to organise a trial lesson on SKYPE for your friend.
Let me know if you have any questions.
Thank You
Nick Dale

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Melbourne ESL Classes

Certificate III in ESL (Access)
Certificate III in ESL (Access)
1 session available for $100.00
Certificate III in ESL (Further Study)
Certificate III in ESL (Further Study)
1 session available for $100.00
Certificate I in ESL (Access)
Certificate I in ESL (Access)
1 session available for $100.00

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That Tri
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That Tri June 04, 2015
That Tri
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That Tri June 04, 2015
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What courses are available for adults to become ESL tutors?
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