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Doncaster Bootcamps Saturday Mornings: 2 Sessions Free!

Doncaster, VIC

Subject: Personal Training

Want to be Unstoppable?

Book in with Dani for a juggernaut High Intensity Bootcamp at Ruffey Lake Park

Doncaster Bootcamps Saturday Mornings: 2 Sessions Free!

Saturday Mornings
Meeting Point: The Boulevard at Ruffey Lake Park, Doncaster

Join now and smash out real...

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Doncaster Bootcamps Saturday Mornings: 2 Sessions Free!

Saturday Mornings
Meeting Point: The Boulevard at Ruffey Lake Park, Doncaster

Join now and smash out real progress Towards Your Goals On Your Saturday Mornings

- Now here’s the best part! I want to make sure this program is within reach of anyone who wants to lose weight, burn fat, tone up, get support and reach their ideal weight.

So I’ve priced it very affordable, and what's even better is that by taking advantage of this Launch Deal Offer, it's only $87 for 5 weeks of training!

Now you can pay this upfront or you are welcome to split the payments into 3 payments of $29. That’s a really good deal!

- Now in addition to this being the most awesome bootcamp weight loss program EVER. I’m doing one more thing for you…

Give you a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the program, so what are you waiting for.

There is nothing to lose but your spare tire and so much to gain, to join the juggernaut Revolution, grab your spot today!

Train Hard, Stay Strong, Be Unstoppable!


P.S Click the 'Like' buttons below and help me out by spreading the word. Thanks again and see you soon!

Sessions will be conducted by juggernaut Personal Trainer Dani Frisina. Further Information on Dani Below;

Daniela Frisina

juggernaut Personal Trainer

juggernaut Bootcamp Instructor

"Making a Positive Difference to Others"

In Brief:

Cert III in Fitness - Gym Instructor
Cert IV in Fitness - Personal Trainer
juggernaut Client who progressed to juggernaut Trainer
Proud young Mum and Wife
Wants also to work with people affected by conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS), to help them achieve the physical and mental benefits it can bring

Lying in a hospital bed after having an unexpected lung operation, I vowed that if I could get moving again, I would turn my life around – and I did!

Within three months I began training at juggernautPT and made good of my promise to never take my ability to move for granted again. Within a year of that decision, not only had I embraced Bootcamp and the benefits that flowed to all areas of my life, I also began my journey to become a juggernautPT personal trainer.
One of the most exciting benefits is now being able to help my husband, who has MS (Multiple Sclerosis) to help gain strength, flexibility and mobility. I’m now on a mission to help others in the same way the juggernaut Personal Trainers helped me.
I’ve learned that everyone has things to deal with and I’ve adopted the Juggernaut ethos of being unstoppable. With the right attitude, it’s possible for anyone to face life’s challenges head-on and transform their lives – my family and I are living proof of that!



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Regular Date(s) & Time(s);
8:30 AM - 9:30 AM


Ruffey Lake Park, Doncaster VIC 3108, Australia
Doncaster, VIC 3108

Willing to travel


  • Class / Group Sessions

Price: $139.00


The teachers

At juggernaut Personal Training (juggernautPT) we aim to raise the standard of the wellness, health & fitness in Australia...

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At juggernaut Personal Training (juggernautPT) we aim to raise the standard of the wellness, health & fitness in Australia by providing a highly beneficial service that not only achieves Unstoppable Life Changing Results but treats both you and the community as you should be treated with courtesy, respect and as people not numbers! Ethos To always provide you with the most effective holistic fitness and lifestyle service that facilitates your constant desire to grow in ability, skill and satisfaction in life, to help you both endure and enjoy. To progress forward despite setbacks, to be a Juggernaut, to be UNSTOPPABLE! Background juggernautPT came from humble beginnings. What began as an extraordinary dream to become a powerful force in the fitness, health and lifestyle industry and make a real difference in the health of the modern world is quickly gathering speed and strength. Are you onboard? Obesity, Accelerated aging and Related Diseases are now at a crisis point, and it’s time you were empowered to take action, Change your lifestyle, Change your Health, Change your Life for the better. We'll help you begin to achieve incredible results in just two weeks and for the rest of your life! juggernautPT and its clients are making their mark both locally and internationally!

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