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Doncaster East, VIC

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Nalini Singam, a certified yoga instructor, has 19 years experience in Corporate Finance.  Looking to...

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Nalini Singam, a certified yoga instructor, has 19 years experience in Corporate Finance.  Looking to relax from her stressful and demanding career and unable to get a good nights sleep, she tried out yoga.  Experiencing a session of pranayama (breathing) in her first yoga class,  Nalini realized that she had found the lifeline back to herself.  After falling in love with yoga and embracing the practice for 10 years,  Nalini traded in her high heels for bare feet.  She completed a full time time teacher training with Master Manisekaran, one of the world leading exponents of yoga who trained under Swami Sathyananda in Bihar, India.
 Now a full time Registered Yoga teacher (Level 2) with Yoga Australia and a practitioner, Nalini feels privileged to be able to immerse herself in her yoga practice and incorporate it into her daily life, whilst choosing to share it with others.
Grounded with Gratitude was established in 2009 , taking her passion to a new level, offering Traditional Hatha Yoga to people from all walks of life.  Nalini infuses her classes with warm-heartedness and joy to connect with her students.  Keeping to authentic Yoga practice, she encourages students to work within their present capacity only challenging themselves into stronger poses once the foundations are stable. Students are entreated to move deeply inward to find alignment that includes physical, mental and emotional balance, learning to connect the mind, body and breath..
Nalini currently teaches Yoga and Deep Relaxation/Yoga Nidra classes at Pines Learning Centre, Balwyn Community House, Contact Community Centre, Wonga Park Communtiy House, Yarrunga Community House, Workplace Yoga and other group classes as well as running private classes from her boutique home studio overlooking a luscious private park, creating an oasis of calm for her students to unwind. She loves looking at her students’ serene faces after Yoga Nidra, seeing that they are not the same people who walked into class 75 minutes earlier.  She also loves her Yoga for Kids and Teens. classes that are energetic and full of fun.

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