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How do I teach my dog not to chew the hose?

We have a 7 month old puppy, Bull Arab x Bull Mastiff, very good natured dog and is learning to listen and sit etc but he chews everything, clothes off the line, the hose epecially... 60metres gone! wire fencing and even a wooden wall he's managed to chew.

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HAHAHA . thats so awesome Nick they plarobby will have internet somewhere but hopefully you will have to pay for it.. and so you wont pay for it ~ when we go on holiday we drive 14 hours up to Foster Tuncurry because my dad likes fishing .anyway we go to the library to use the internet we can get it at the resort place but you have to pay!! .so we go to the library once a week, I borrow books my parents use the internet but yeh most of the time we are out on the boat fishing so I dont really miss the internet LOL. anyway . Go for walks explore.. take photos, read books, sleep in be inspired have awesome ideas write them down and come back and tell us all about it! HAVE AN FANTASTIC AWESOME TIME NICK..see ya when you get back !

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1. I call my parents on the phone on Sundays, and my siretss and I have a free text message group chat on WhatsApp 2. I've been seeing a nutritionist for about a month now Today I finally noticed my weight loss for the first time! Several people have told me I look thinner, but today I looked in the mirror at work and saw it for myself. My ugly work uniform skirt even fits nicely over my hips now (used to wear it up near the waist). So excited!

Neslihan Neslihan

Oh wow, LOVE this. Totally added into my Google Reader already. I will live visaoirucly through Lolo's life and times as chronicled here until I myself live by the sea and have my own little pup. My sea town will by Cape Town and my future choice of pup a current dead heat between a bulldog or a boxer. My ETC for sea/dog living is Xmas 2011. Can't. Bloody. Wait.

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Melbourne Dog Training Classes

Puppy Training Melbourne
Puppy Training Melbourne
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Positive K9 Training- Dog Training and Behaviour Modification
1 session available
Furry Critters Puppy and Dog training
Furry Critters Puppy and Dog training
4 sessions available

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Where is the best puppy class close to 3162 Melbourne
L L 2 March 30, 2013
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where is carine dog taining?
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