Are wedding dancing lessons a waste of time and money?

Posted by Wedding Dance Lessons Sydney on July 28, 2013

Are wedding dancing lessons a waste of time and money?
Are Wedding Dance Lessons A Waste of Time & Money

The First Dance is often not included in the early stages of wedding planning and often by the time you get to think about the dance your credit card has collected a few skid marks and the reality of the cost of the wedding can be a bit worrisome.


For those that want to make sure they look their best for their First Dance as well as the rest of their wedding day the lessons and the time to do them are automatically included in their budget as they consider dancing lessons are essential to achieve what they want.


But often couples don’t consider the First Dance a particularly special moment of their wedding day and also feel that the cost of lessons and making the time to do them is a waste of time and money for just the one day.


I do admit that I don’t really understand that viewpoint, yes of course I also readily admit that I am biased too!, but I see the First Dance as something the couple does together and a very personal and lovely moment of a wedding day.


To justify not having lessons because it is only for the one day doesn’t really make much sense to me when most of the items for a wedding day are also only for the one day.


To say that it’s not worth the time or effort because you will only dance the dance on the one day doesn’t make much sense to me either, isn’t the whole idea of a wedding based on the fact that it is a once in a lifetime occasion? And as such one ensures that every part of that day is amazing?


A considerable part of my biased viewpoint though also comes from many years of experience teaching couples a dance for their First Dance and hearing their viewpoints before the lessons, during the lessons, at the end of the lessons and as much as possible, hearing back from them after their wedding.


The following points are things I hear from couples every day and perhaps they are also things for you to consider as you decide what you want to do for your First Dance.


Nearly every couple that has had dancing lessons with me will agree that their lessons were the best and most fun thing of their wedding preparations. They are virtually the only part of the wedding preparations that a couple does together and involves some romance too.


About 30% of the couples that come to me for wedding dancing lessons have come because they’ve been to friends or family weddings where the bride and groom just shuffled awkwardly for their First Dance and it looked awful. They know that if that’s what they did at their wedding they would also look awful and feel awful and no-one wants that on their wedding day.


Many couples come for wedding dancing lessons to just learn the basics so that they do not look stupid for their Bridal Dance. The confidence building and the end result of even a couple of lessons make the lessons very worthwhile for them.


In the majority of feedback received from hundreds of couples after their wedding it is mentioned that their First Dance was THE highlight of the reception and that their guests comments and raves about the dance just added to the value of having the wedding dancing lessons.


I guess, at the end of the day, the question of whether the dancing lessons are a waste of time and money can only be answered by each individual and their sense of value of the First Dance and what it means to you.








Author:    Julie Tremp, Principal of Wedding Dance Lessons Sydney

About The Author:

Julie is the principal of Wedding Dance Lessons Sydney and teaches hundreds of couples their Wedding Dance each year. She has danced since the age of 3, studying formal ballet & theatrical dance in her youth and all styles of Ballroom and Latin dancing in latter years. She has performed, choreographed and taught professionally most of her adult life. She has taught for dance studios in Australia and Europe, schools & colleges in Australia and is a lecturer, teacher and adjudicator for the Dance Council of Australia.


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