TOP 10 reasons why everyone should learn how to Dance!!!

Posted by Passionata Dance on May 11, 2011

TOP 10 reasons why everyone should learn how to Dance!!!
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Here are Ten Reasons Why should we ALL Learn how to Dance?

Author: Derek Vuong,
Published: 11th of May 2011

Dancing invokes our emotions and good feelings. It is human nature that we usually associate our experiences of life to any form of movement. The benefits that one can gain from dancing are all flow on effects to other parts of your life. Everyone has come across someone who has cheered up their day just by the mere action of moving around and feeling the music. Are you ready to find out why you should Dance?

Here are the 10 reasons why dancing is good for you:

1. Healthy lifestyle - Dancing promotes weight loss and the releases of chemicals in the brain that protect against depression and sadness. Being in a better state of mind has numerous flow on benefits to other areas of life. But be warned, you only get out as much as you put in. Another added benefit is that physical activity keeps the mind active so you become a better performer and sleep better during the night.

2. Make new friends - The dance community provides an easy context to make new friends. With a greater pool of friends in the surrounding community, You will be able to refine your social skills and improve your life. Dancing is a very sociable hobby, Making it is hard to stay a recluse. There are regular outings and many places to meet potential partners or networking possibilities every night of the week. The world is your oyster and dancing opens those doors. Dancing attracts people from all walks of life. The more choice you have in friends, the more freedom you have to choose good ones.

3. Learn about yourself - Dancing forces you to confront yourself and develop yourself in many areas. You may use dancing to develop your co-ordination, skills and techniques. You will learn how to deal with your own feelings, ego and intuition to become a stronger person.

4. Improve your musicality and timing - Dancing makes you better at music and spacial awareness. It may open doors to other physical hobbies as well. Learning about timing and musicality makes you a more attractive and charismatic person over time. You may even meet other like minded people who may become lifelong friends.

5. Become a dancer - The ultimate benefit is that you will become a dancer. You can be the life of the party wherever you may go. Confidence is a side effect of learning how to dance. So if that is the side effect, imagine the actual benefits. You will become more assertive and ready to express yourself in a decisive fashion.

6. Express yourself with confidence - You will learn to trust your own feelings and be proud of who you are. If you are an active person, Salsa is a fun dance to learn. If you are more attracted to the classy and sophisticated styles, you may be more attracted to Tango. If you love to develop techniques and skill, Ballroom may be the way to go. There is a dance style to suit every personality in the world.

7. Ability to help others - You will find that you have an increased amount of energy to help others. You will find that you will inspire people to take action in their lives and you will help them share the benefits and rewards that you have reaped over your personal journey.

8. Dance is entertaining - Dance provides a rich source of entertainment. You may feel like going out to watch people dance or sit down and relax and watch performances. Learning how to dance opens a whole new world of appreciation for all the arts. Instead of staying home and watching television, you can be out there being the life of the party and learning something that increases the quality of actual life.

9. Learn street smarts - Dancing provides a context to meet, test and refine your approach to people. Learn to trust your gut and move with your body rather than overthinking with your mind. You will be able to react to situations at lightning speed and make the right choices. You will learn such values as leading, control, respect and trust.

10. Become a teacher and share your skills with others - Being a passionate person in life with energy enhances your life. It is never too late to start dancing. So pick up the phone now and dial for your passionata dance instructor. It may take some courage, but once you get the ball rolling, you with be on your own two feet in no time carving up the dance floor.

About the Author: Derek Vuong is a dance instructor at Passionata Dance Studio based in Sydney and has taught countless beginners how to dance basic steps to start them on their journey to being great dancers and people. A journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step...So take action today and join PASSIONATA DANCE STUDIO.

Best of Luck, The Passionata Crew

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