Customer Relationship Management

Posted by Michelle Pavel on November 25, 2012

Customer Relationship Management

A customer’s negative experience can often be directly contributed to an employee. Here are some ideas to help with achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction.

If your employee is not happy in their environment; feels undervalued; feels they are underpaid; feels they are not listened to; does not feel appreciated… then they could easily (intentionally or not) severely impact the quality of the experience for the customer.

  • Are your customer facing staff happy in their environment?
  • When is the last time you asked them?
  • How will you fix that if they aren’t happy?
  • How will you know if they are impacting your customer’s experience?

Customer relationship management is about understanding what your customer needs; what they like; what they want from your business.

It is much easier to get feedback from an existing customer (obviously), as they already trust you and feel valued if you ask for their support and advice. On the flipside, how many customers have you lost and not even know it, because your service was compromised, and they didn’t consider telling you about it.

When is the last time you asked a loyal customer if they were happy with your service, staff communication, product line, payment plans, and so on? You probably should do that every time your customer buys from you or at least a few times a year. Gather their details and send them a quick survey and incentive within a few days of their experience with your business.

The valuable insight you receive could help you to tweak a few things to improve conversions and their experience.

Now here is a question I would like to ask you to answer in the comments below:

Do you use any tools to help with CRM, if so, what do you recommend and how has it helped your business?


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