this goes with that - poetry ideas

Posted by Raj Arumugam on March 02, 2012

this goes with that - poetry ideas

What would the bird say to the snail?

That's the sort of question that gives you a simple way to write fun verse. Simple and effective. 

It's a sort of "What if?" exercise...Here goes: Just ask yourself what any 2 items around you might say to each's easier to focus on 2 objects that usually go together like the pillow and the head...Other examples: book and pen; corn flakes and milk...So go ahead...Give it a go - ask, listen to your creative mind rolling out an answer, and write it in simple short verse and you've got a poem.

It's fun - you'll surprise yourself and like all creative exercises, it'll exercise one's brain cells too...

So what did the bird say to the snail? Well, in my poem this is what happened: 


The bird and the snail

I'm going home
says the bird
flying up in the air

Owww me
says the snail
I'm always at home


Here's another one. Question: What did the pillow say to the head? And the poem that I got out of that question:


The Head and the Pillow

Oh, says the Head to the Pillow
How soft and nice you are…
So inviting and comfy

OK, says the Pillow
Is that why you drool 
over me all night?



So, do give it a try...and you'll surprise yourself with the poems you might get...Enjoy!




(picture by kind permission of Surya Prakash, SA)


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