Poetry - a joke?

Posted by Raj Arumugam on November 05, 2013

Poetry - a joke?
job for a dog

Looking for inspiration when writing poetry? I have previously discussed how you can use art as a starting point to create poems. 

We can also use jokes (or just 1 joke) to create poetry. Here's the simple procedure I used to come up with the poem below:

1. I first looked up a few jokes online on dogs and had many laughs.

2. I then selected a joke and then used that joke, and embellished it somewhat to transform it into a poem.

3. I (consciously, and subconsciously) added bits of my own humour and personality (assuming I have one) to the poem...and worked on several drafts until I knew the joke had been transformed beyond its 3-line prosaic account...

4. Try it yourself. No doubt the joke is from online - but if you put bits of your personailty into it, and a bit of the poetry magic, then you've got a poem. A poem that can glow with humour.


Here's a poem I wrote using the above method. Read it, enjoy it, and write your own poem based on a joke you like. Enjoy.




job for a dog

I placed an ad
outside my office
offering a job in my small company:
The applicant
must be computer literate
and possess secretarial skills
and must be bilingual

(and proudly, I added)

and this dog came in 
and indicated with barks and snout
he wanted the job;
and proved with paws and limbs
and tongue and tail, and with various barks
he had all the skills

Astounded, I put up all sorts of barriers
but the dog could not be stopped by any one
And so I finally said:
“You have demonstrated your skills, sure;
you have barked – but you don’t seem 
to know any other popular language…
I can’t offer you the job  -
I need someone bilingual!”

And the dog replied: “Meow!”


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