How to make up safe passwords

Posted by Computer Trainer and maintainer on January 05, 2016

To ensure a safe password, use letters and numbers and make a couple of the letters capitals. 

To remember your passwords, take the first letter of each of your children, if you have any, or of your animals, or relatives. 

Then add numbers. Just make sure it is not an actual word that can come up in the dictionary. Scammers use a program that runs through every word in the dictionary and add numbers once they have found one that is being used as a password. 

eg If you have a son called Doug and a daughter, called Sue, use a Ds to start. Then you could add the last two digits of their birth year, such as 71 and 76. So now you have Ds7176 but most times you are asked for 7 or 8 digits and numbers. 

Then you could add 'au' if you live in Australia. So now you have Ds7176Au and this should be accepted as a good secure password. If prompted to make it more secure, then just add '12'.

So now you will have Ds7176Au12 and this will be extremely difficult to crack. 

Of course, you will be prompted to change this from time to time, so change the initials to someone else who you are familiar with. You can base it on your favourite footy player, or racing car driver. Just use something that will be easy to recall. 

But always, always, write down your passwords, usernames and email address in a small address book. And keep it at your fingertips. If you write it down on a notepad or in a diary, believe me, you may never find it again. Lol











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