How to find your way around a computer

Posted by Computer Trainer and maintainer on January 05, 2016

How to find your way around a computer
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Are you like most of my clients and tell yourself that you are 'stupid' because you don't understand or 'get' your computer and programs?

Well, don't be so hard on yourself. Think about it. I know you are good at something you do. Painting, driving a truck, building a dog kennel, sewing your kids clothes, or you just love to iron with perfection. So, these are things that you couldn't do at one time. Right? Somebody had to teach you how to do it. And if you learnt from somebody or just taught yourself, you are certainly not 'stupid'.

If you can't type as a secretary would, just keep practising with two fingers and memorise where the keys are. Most people do this. 

If you haven't been on the internet much, look in the taskbar (down the left hand bottom of computer) or the desktop (the screen that you see after logging on), for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. These are called web browswers. Think of them as vehicles taking you somewhere. Browsers take you to the internet. 

Once you have a browser open, you can use either Google,, Bing. MSN or other search engine to find a website that you want. Think of Search engines as a GPS in your vehicle. They help you to find your way to the internet sites. 

In Google, or your chosen search engine, type (with two fingers if you have to) the keywords that will lead you to a website. eg If you want to know what is causing your baby pumpkins to die on the vine, type in 'why are baby pumpkings dying on vine' and you will be given a choice of many websites to read. Click on the blue link at the top of each description to open a web site relevant to your keywords. 

If you accidentally click on a blue link on a webpage and it takes you to somewhere you don't want to be, use the back arrow at the top of computer on the left hand side, to go back. 

Keep on trying and you will become more confident in using your computer. They not only help in business but can be so much fun to use at home. 









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