Conquer the Qwerty keyboard

Posted by Computer Trainer and maintainer on January 06, 2016

Conquer the Qwerty keyboard
Computer keyboard

All computer keyboards have the letters QWERTY in the first row of letters.Look on the left hand side. The first computer in 1868 had the keys set out with two rows of letters in alphabetical order.

However, the keys jammed together so a clever person came along and set the keys out so there was more room beside each one. Therefore; it just so happened that the first row spelt QWERTY, and in 1874 another typewriter came out and we are still using this keyboard now. No-one rushed to buy it for many years as people preferred to hand write their letters. No new fangle gadgets could be trusted. lol

We have other keys on our computer keyboards that come in handy. For instance, the TAB key moves our cursor (using the mouse) over a space. We need to be careful where it is placed so we don't split up words. 

The CAPS LOCK key, of course, types capital letters until we hit it again to stop it. 

The SHIFT key on the left and right side does a few things. Holding it down with a letter will also make a capital letter. Holding down the shift and tab key while filling out a form will take the mouse back up to allow typing again in the previous row. 

If you hold down the shift key while hitting the ENTER key, it will do a soft enter and not miss a space. Hitting the enter key will take the cursor down and miss a space unless the settings are set so it doesn't. 

The Control key (Ctrl) is on either side of the keyboard. Hence holding our left and right hands together and typing. The Ctrl key creates many shortcuts. For instance:

Ctrl + S will save your work

Ctrl + B will bold your work if you select a word or sentence first

Ctrl + X will cut your work that you have selected

Ctrl + C will copy your work that you have selected

Ctrl + V will paste your work after you have copied it

Ctrl + N will open a new tab for you in the web browser

Ctrl + P will print your work bringing up the print menu

Ctrl + J will take you to your downloads

Ctrl + U will underline your selected work

If you want to take out the underline, just do the same move again. 

The ENTER key on the right hand side moves the cursor down as many times as you hit the key. 

The BACKSPACE key will take out or delete the letters/words that have been typed in, moving backwards. 

The DELETE key, if placed in front of a letter/word will take these out by moving forwards. 

The CURSOR keys at the bottom right hand side move the cursor anywhere without removing any letters or words. They allow you to position the cursor and add letters or to move the words down or copy/delete. 

Well, that should give you some idea of your keyboard if you are a newby or even experienced. 

I will cover more facts and information on computers in the next article. So come back again. 


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