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Colonel Light Gardens Piano Classes
Explore local and online Piano classes, events, and workshops

  • 1.

    Kylie Hall Hallmark Music Studio

    No Reviews Yet

    Piano and Keyboard Lessons

    5 sessions available

    Recognized as one of the most popular instruments, the piano has been the chosen instrument of outstanding musicians, composers and music educators for…

    Accepts Enrollments | Free Session Available

  • 2.

    Learn and MasterdoMore Pro

    No Reviews Yet

    Learn and Master the Piano with Will Barrow

    1 session available for $249.00

    Are You Ready to Get Serious About Learning Piano? Have you grown frustrated with trying to learn from books, software, or cheap introductory videos…

    Accepts Enrollments | Online Session Available

  • 3.

    Kindermusik By Tritones

    No Reviews Yet

    Piano for beginners - Encore On Keys courses

    For children (especially following the pre-instrument course), continue your learning on the Keyboard/Piano with group or individual piano lessons with…

    6 year olds or older | Beginner

  • 4.

    PianoMax Australia

    No Reviews Yet

    Piano Lessons

    Piano Lessons with one of our fully qualified teachers. Please call for a booking.


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