Meaning of Xiao Xin Yan

Posted by Rebecca Wu on August 08, 2017

Meaning of Xiao Xin Yan

In this episode of Bite the word”, we are going to learn a new word: 小心眼(xiǎo xīn yǎn. means small, the third tone; , is mind, the first tone; , the third tone. eyes.



Literally, “心眼” means “mind and eyes”, but here, “心眼” refers to one’s mind. So “小心眼” means “someone’s mind is small, he or she is petty and cares too much about small things”. In Chinese, it’s used to describe someone who is narrow- minded and mean.


For example, if your friend Jack held a secret grudge against you and didn’t talk to you for two years just because you said he went out of tune when he was singing, you can say “Jack 是小心眼!” or “Jack 的心眼很小!” Both of the sentences mean that Jack is petty.


Besides, 小心眼 can also be used to describe someone who is stingy with money.



Dialogue 1


Mark yì zhí bù ɡēn wǒ shuō huà tā zài shēnɡ wǒ qì mɑ

AMark 一直不跟我说话,他在生我气吗?

Mark has been avoiding talking to me. Is he mad at me?


   bú huì de. tā bú shì ɡè xiǎo xīn yǎn


No. He is not a petty person.


Dialogue 2


   wǒ men hé wánɡ lěi yì qǐ qù chī fàn bɑ


Let’s eat out with Wang Lei!


    wǒ bú qù. tā fēi chánɡ xiǎo xīn yǎn, měi cì chī fàn, tā dōu bù tāo qián.


I am not going. Wang Lei is very stingy. He never paid the bill.


Now you can practice the word and learn the dialogues in the video below:

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