Chinese Slang Word 放鸽子

Posted by Rebecca Wu on September 09, 2017

In this episode of Bite the word, we are going to learn a new word:放鸽子。放,the forth tone, means to release or let go; 鸽子, the first tone and neutral tone, refers to a dove. Literally, 放鸽子 means let the dove go.


In Chinese, we use “放…鸽子” to express stand sb up. For example, He stood me up, we can say “他放我鸽子”。


Dialogue 1

mínɡ tiān qù dǎ lán qiú bɑ


Let’s play basketball tomorrow!



hǎo ā  bié fànɡ wǒ ɡē zi ā 


Ok! Don’t stand me up!


Dialogue 2

zěn me le nǐ bù kāi xīn mɑ


What’s wrong with you? Are you unhappy?


wánɡ lěi shuō ɡēn wǒ yì qǐ kàn diàn yǐnɡ de tā yòu fànɡ wǒ ɡē zi le


Wang lei said he would watch movie with me, but he stood me up again!)


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