Days of the Week in Chinese

Posted by iChinese Learning on May 04, 2016

In Chinese, week is called “星期 xīnɡqī”. To say different days of the week, you simply put the numbers after it. E.g. “星期一 xīnɡqī yī”, literally “week one” means “Monday”. “星期二 xīnɡqī èr”, literally “week two” means “Tuesday”…

To this extent, learning mandarin Chinese is actually not that difficult! Now let's learn more:

Days of the Week

xīnɡqī yī

星期一 Monday


xīnɡqī èr

星期二 Tuesday


xīnɡqī sān

星期 Wednesday     


xīnɡqī sì

星期 Thursday  


xīnɡqī wǔ

星期 Friday


xīnɡqī liù

星期 Saturday   


Sunday is the 7th and last day of the week. But instead of saying “星期七(week seven)”, we say:

xīnɡqī tiān

星期 Sunday


xīnɡqī rì

星期 Sunday     


In spoken Chinese, “星期” is often replaced by “礼拜 lǐ bài”.


Learn how to pronounce days of the week and how to ask somebody the days in mandarin at:


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