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Brodie has been a student at WSO Music for over 3 years. He can now read music and play four instruments. After all this time the highlight of his week is still his music lesson. It has been lovely to see his confidence grow with each recital, he has gone from a shy little boy to one that cannot wait to get on the stage to perform. He has his guitar in his hands as soon as he wakes up and takes it everywhere with him so he can 'put on a show'. The teachers are fantastic, they have encouraged a real love of music in Brodie. Brodie thinks that both his music teachers are pretty 'cool'. In Brodie's words: "Mr Tony is cool because he is funny and plays in a band. I like Simon because he can play lots of songs and he teaches me to play songs I like."                        

Thank you WSOM Chantelle


My son has been attending WSO Music for 3 years and has been enjoying it since. He likes playing guitar and the school has really contributed to his progress. The atmosphere is really friendly and the teachers are energetic and innovative. Twice a year the school organises recitals where the students have the opportunity to show their work to their parents and experience the feeling of performing in front of a crowd. I would highly recommend WSOM to anyone looking to learn music.                                                                    

Cheers, Isabelle


Only Tony and his passion for Jazz could turn my utter hatred and distaste of the genre back to front and inside out in a single lesson. My new found interest and passion for Jazz piano not only drove my abilities to compose and improvise to levels (that I thought I was incapable of) but taught me the skills and techniques, including vigorous ear training, required for my WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) entrance theory and oral exam. Thanks to Tony I have been accepted by WAAPA to undertake the Music Technology and Composition degree commencing in February of 2013, a feat I could not have hoped to accomplish without Tony’s guidance. Thanks to Tony and his brilliant piano lessons at Wellard School of Music, I have achieved more than I ever hoped to and now have the confidence to say I am a good pianist.

Ayden-James Nolan


Harrison (5) loves his music lessons and looks forward to them every week.  We loved watching him play the drums in the end of year concert.  He was clearly having a ball!  And he can't wait until he is old enough to learn to play the ukulele.

Regards Fiona

                                                                                                            My family has been attending guitar lessons with WSOM for over 7 years. My husband and sons have thoroughly enjoyed learning from Tony and Simon. They are very knowledgeable and patient teachers. My sons first class at WSOM was Music 4 Kids with Tony, and have progressed over the years to group and private Guitar lessons. They look forward to their weekly lessons and thoroughly enjoy the yearly recitals. I have no hesitation in recommending WSOM to anyone who wishes to introduce their child to the joys of music.

Regards Sue Bolton (Family Day Care Educator) 

Our Daughter has really enjoyed music lessons with Mr Tony, he creates a fun learning environment which she really enjoys being a part of. Tony has a talent for not only engaging but teaching a wide variety of ages and levels.                           

Karen Chivers


My 6yr old son started lessons with Tony at the age of 4.5 old. We have seen him become so much more confident during this time.

He loves his music and cant wait for his next lesson. It is a pleasure for us to see him enjoying himself so much and at the same time developing his musical passion

Nicole Thomas

                                                                                                            My son has been attending the Wellard School Of Music since January 2007. He started in the Music for Kids programme with Tony and he absolutely loved it. He continued with this for 3 years. It gave him exposure to many different instruments, taught him about rhythm, team work, performing on stage and most of all he had fun!!!. Through this he found a passion for playing the guitar and then went on to guitar lessons. He has now been attending guitar lessons with Simon for 2 years. He is writing his own songs and performing them on stage with confidence. He has learnt to express himself through music. I am so proud of what he has achieved and how far he has come. Tony and Simon are fantastic mentors, not only in the way they teach, but the kind of people they are. I have had some exposure to another music school in the area and I was not expressed by the lack of professionalism and they were not the kind of people I would want my son to look up to. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful and professional establishment here in Kwinana. I would recommend it to anyone.                                                                                                                Cheers Mel - Riley's Mum                                                                                     

                                                                                                       Wellard School of Music has been excellent for Beau. He's been attending Music 4 Kids for the past 2 years and is entering into his third year. Watching Beau grow from a shy boy that wouldn't go into class by himself to having to hold him back off the stage at recitals is a huge credit to "Mr Tony". 
They come out of class with a glow from all the fun they're having and at the same time 
Beau's music knowledge and playing techniques are growing in leaps and bounds. We are putting our 5 year old in this year as well. I recommend to WSOM to anyone with young kids. 

Thanks Jesse


"Music for Kids is one of the avenues where not only kids can learn music but it also develops their self confidence as well as making friends....and my son loves the lollies after the class"

Regards Jaime


The Wellard School of Music has provided a fun atmosphere for my boys to engage with and learn music.  We have so enjoyed the twice yearly recitals that give the kids the opportunity to perform to an audience - an important part of what music making is about.  Tony has been an enthusiastic teacher who relates really well to kids.  Thank you Tony!

Cheers Pam


 "My twin boys both study music at the Wellard School of Music.  They love going to lessons and have really improved their skills under the instruction of Tony (piano) and Simon (guitar).  But the best thing is that these teachers have instilled a love of music and a love of learning music, my boys can't get enough and we are very impressed with their progress.  Our house is filled with music thanks to the dedication of Tony and Simon.....thanks guys, you have changed our lives!"  ...and I really mean it.  Thank you!

Tiffany Brunswick



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