Seven sure ways to raise musical kids

Posted by 7 notes Studio on March 18, 2016

1. Pass on your love of music. If you love music - singing along to your favourite song on the radio, or listening to great classics, then chances are you child will like it too. 

2. Make music with your child. Listening to music is great, but active music making is even better. Make drums or shakers from items around the house, and rattle and shake away together to your favourite jingle. 

3. Make it fun. If it's not fun, your child will lose interest. So google some ideas, make puppets who sing along with you, play musical games, put on a duet using pretend guitar and microphones.  

4. Music everyday. Incorporate musical play into your everyday life, so it becomes natural and forms part of your routine. Perhaps sing a song together after bath time, or a goodnight song before going to bed at night.

5. The voice is our first instrument - it's versatile and portable! You don't need to sing like Beyonce, your enthusiasm and energy will be catching enough! Don't correct your child when they sing - just enjoy it and sing along (if they let you!)

6. Choose toy music instruments carefully. It's best to have a quality toy instrument that plays in a correct pitch, so your child's musical ear develop properly.

7. Offer a variety of musical styles. Very young children are completely open to different musical styles. Now is the time to introduce them to classical music, jazz, blues, folk music, country & western, choral and opera. They are sure to enjoy these as much as The Wiggles. 



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