Are you in the top 10% of the World's Population?

Posted by Katrena Friel on June 25, 2013

Did you know that only 10% of the worlds population are Activated Life Long Learners.

Meaning, proactive with their personal and professional development. These people are the high performing, self managing types. They invest in themselves and love to learn.

The rest of the world’s adult population are called 90%ers (Life Long Learners). Those that are reactive with their development. They will only upgrade, or update their skills and mindset when they have been retrenched, sacked or miss out on a promotion. These people also, only go to training or coaching if the organisation pays for it. They would never pay for their own development, they think it is someone else’s responsibility to train them. They don’t understand that the benefit is to them, who will leverage the training for many years to come.

Which One Are You ?

There is good news, if you’ve had the realisation that you have been reactive with your development. You can shift quite easily into being an activated life long learner, by taking responsibility for your career and being curious about your true capability.

Image what you may be capable of and what you could achieve if you had experienced great training events from the beginning.

The reason most people are not proactive, is because they didn’t have a good school experience, and came out of school without a love of learning.

That is unfortunate, however we were all subjected to boring classes throughout our school life. Activated Life Long Learners, simply didn’t use that as an excuse to not find out how learning could be fun, interesting, amazing, incredible, dynamic, life changing, inspiring, motivating and self perpetuating, driving you on to the next level and the next level of development, quickly and easily.

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