Skills Victoria Funding

Posted by Joanne Law on June 22, 2011

Skills Victoria Funding
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If you own or manage a small to medium business registered in Victoria read on. If you work in one and want to get a higher qualification than those you currently hold keep reading too.

The Victorian Government funds a program called Skills for Growth which is designed to help businesses with less than 200 employees to put in place plans to develop the skill levels of their emplyees.

The program pays for an accredited Skills for Growth Specialist like me to work with you. We meet and talk so I can get an understanding of your business, where you are right now, where you'd like to be and the constraints you are facing.  We then look at your employees current skill levels, skills gaps now and if your business grows as you'd like it to and the opportunities for training to close those gaps. 

This all leads to a Workforce Action Plan and training plan for each employee. Each recommendation for training requires that I provide three potential providers of the training.  If the training recommended will lead to a higher qualification the Victorian Training Guarantee kicks in an provides funding to offset some of the cost of training.  Sometimes there is also federal funding available which can be accessed through an Australian Apprenticeship Center.

Thats the good news.  The uncertainty is that there is currently a review going on about vocational training and training subsidies and it seems likely that the future scheme will be less generous than what is currently available.  At the last briefing there was lots of muttering about employers "sharing the cost" of skills development. 

So my recommendation is for you to take some action now. Get a review done for your business so you know what your workforce development options are and if you agree with the review recommendations help your employees to develop their skills. It's a good thing to do, for you and for them.


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