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Skills Victoria Funding

Posted by Joanne Law on June 22, 2011

Skills Victoria Funding
small business owner

If you own or manage a small to medium business registered in Victoria read on. If you work in one and want to get a higher qualification than those you currently hold keep reading too.
The Victorian Government funds a program called Skills for Growth which is designed to help businesses with less than 200 employees to put in place plans to develop the skill levels of their emplyees.
The program pays for an accredited Skills for Growth Specialist like me to work with you. We meet and talk so I can get an understanding of your business, where you are right now, where...

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Top 10 Business Tips For Family Business

Posted by Michelle Pavel on November 25, 2012

Today I thought I would write about some ideas family business owners like yourself can implement to achieve higher customer and staff satisfaction.
I have written some posts on this topic before (see above links), but thought I would come from a different angle just to give you some extra things you can think about.
As a family small business owner you have a lot at stake, you need to make sure your family gets along while they are working together and you also need to make sure they don’t feel like you are attacking them if you feel the need to say… “hey you aren’t doing what I need or you are not acting in the best interests of the business’.
A dreaded conversation for anyone, let alone family, but there are some ideas here that may help you deal with it if/when the...

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