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Burwood Pilates Classes
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  • 1.

    Burwood Neighbourhood House

    No Reviews Yet

    Mat Pilates All levels

    1 session available for $170.00

    Improves flexibility, builds strength, develops core control. Helps to achieve greater energy levels and balance the body in breathing and the mind…

    Accepts Enrollments

  • 2.

    Red Alligator Personal Training Studio

    Red Alligator Personal Training Studio
    4.0/5 stars
    1 1 review


    1 session available

    Pilates – Any age, body or size can partake in Pilates. Overall strength workout that works through controlled breathing and stimulates circulation…

    Accepts Enrollments | Free Session Available

  • 3.

    Jika Jika Community Centre

    No Reviews Yet

    Mum's Pilates

    1 session available for $110.00

    With Ange Improve your posture, core stability, pelvic floor strengthening, stretch & relax. All levels welcome

    Beginner | Accepts Enrollments

  • 4.

    Healthways Swim School

    No Reviews Yet

    Pilates Classes - 3 Class Pass

    1 session available for $51.00

    Pilates is an exercise principle developed in the 1920‚ by German-born American Joseph Pilates. Since then Pilates has been introduced to the world as…

    Beginner | Accepts Enrollments

  • 5.


    No Reviews Yet

    Breast cancer rehabilitation

    1 session available for $85.00

    We work with both pre and post breast cancer surgery patients to assist with regular exercise rehabilitation according to their individual requirements…

    Accepts Enrollments

    Other classes available from CorPilates:

    Mums and bubs

    Xtend Barre classes

    See 5 classes from CorPilates »
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    No Reviews Yet

    Clinical and Group Pilates in Ivanhoe - Pilates Classes in Ivanhoe

    1 session available for $20.00

    3 Golden Keys offers a range of Pilates classes in Ivanhoe to suit your needs & goals. We offer Clinical & Studio Pilates to help treat chronic and acute…

    Accepts Enrollments

  • 7.


    No Reviews Yet

    Mat Pilates for Beginners

    1 session available for $180.00

    Pilates matwork classes treat the body as an integrated whole to achieve a full body workout. With practise, the simultaneous stretching and strengthening…

    Accepts Enrollments

  • 8.

    BDC Dance

    No Reviews Yet

    Pilates Classes

    Pilates is an internationally recognised method of body conditioning which focuses on core stability and strengthening the body. Anybody can benefit from…


  • 9.

    Fernwood Mitcham

    No Reviews Yet


    Pilates Core strength workout, stretching and learning about postural awareness.


  • 10.

    Richmond Physiotherapy Clinic

    No Reviews Yet

    Pilates Classes

    Pilates Personalised Pilates with Physiotherapists: - Research based dynamic stability training utilizing specialist Clinical Reformers, foam rollers…


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Pilates Questions

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Hi I was wondering how much are pilates classes if not a member of the gym ?
September 26, 2013
Felecity Hoof
I have listed my pilates classes for newport - local area and I come up on page 6 how can I improve this.
Felecity Hoof March 18, 2011

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