Quantum Leap Classical Training (15+)

Braddon, ACT

Subject: Ballet

A classical class designed for people with contemporary experience who are late starters in ballet. It will introduce functional classical ballet technique designed to strengthen and align your body, while giving experience of the stylistic base, vocabulary, and terminology of ballet. It is particularly useful if you intend to go on to tertiary dance, but lack classical training.
The classes are held on Wednesday afternoons.


Please contact us for upcoming dates and/or more information about this class


Ainslie Ave
Braddon, ACT 2612

Price: $15.00


The teachers

Australian youth dance at its best — transforming young lives and nurturing Australia’s future dance professionals...

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Australian youth dance at its best — transforming young lives and nurturing Australia’s future dance professionals. QL2 Dance, in Canberra Australia, has a 12 year track record of excellence in youth dance. It is home of Quantum Leap: an auditioned, elite youth dance ensemble; and to the Soft Landing program: assisting the best dance graduates to find their creative pathway. We are dedicated to diverse, challenging and rigorous youth dance which develops the next generation of dance-makers and contributes to a dynamic, caring and diverse society. We excite our audiences with thoughtful, challenging dance works: the hearts and minds of young people speaking through their bodies. We have presented performances in Canberra, Sydney, Adelaide, Armadale, Bega, Narooma and Cowra to both audience and critical acclaim. We also support cutting-edge scientific research into youth dance, in collaboration with the University of Western Sydney. We are passionate about extending youth dance beyond training, beyond ‘kids dancing’, to immersive, creative, demanding and ongoing dance experiences. We bring together community and professional practice so young people can present provocative, high-quality performances to both adult and young audiences. We believe in dance as an expressive artform, as well as an effective and challenging way to develop people and communities. We believe in the power of young people to drive cultural change and we value the unique viewpoint and creativity of each young person, and also value development of physical technique, self-discipline, and critical thinking. We run programs for ages 8–26 that focus on igniting and developing young people’s creative energy and dance skills. Young people can join our programs at various points and work with QL2 for periods of a few days to many years. Although we are not a dance school, we provide an excellent extension to other dance training, building a deep understanding of dance-making and performance through hands-on projects. We provide a continuous support path right through to professional development after tertiary dance training. We make a positive difference to the lives of young people whether they continue in dance, or take their passion to other fields.

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