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Joan Clarke

Would you like some costumes?.

I have 2 belly dancing costumes suitable for a 10 year old. They belonged to my Grandaughter. I would like to donate them to someone that would like them.

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Inspire Bellydance

Hi Joan
That's very sweet. I do have a few young girls in some of my classes, so I'm sure the costumes could find a home! I'm in Sydney... Let us all know where you are and we'll figure out what makes most sense :-)


Hi Joan. I'm in Mornington. I teach children and I have two 9 year olds who I have no doubt would be delighted with a costume. Depends where you're located as pick up might be possible. Never know!
Cheers Ros


Dear Joan, I am not sure where you are, but i am in Newcastle. I have a children's class and there are actually a couple of girls there who would love costumes, but there mums might be finding things a little financially difficult, so costume donations would actually be wonderful. I completely understand if you have found one else to give them to.

Alpine Contemporary Bellydance Academy


I see someone has replied to you already but I don't know who it is. I don't have children's classes but I'm sure one of my students would like them for their own children. I will be at the Masonic Hall from 5.30 today (Monday) until 7.oopm if you're able to drop them off. Thank you. Luv KaZ, Alpine Creative Bellydance Academy.

Shamilah Knight 2

If you looking to donate them im sure theres a girl who would love them. Someone will be a masonic hall from 4.30 today til about 6pm tonight

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