About the Qi beauty Two-Day Intense Training Course AACMA 16 CPE

Posted by Kathy Pedersen on March 07, 2013

Qi beauty International Two Day Intensive Training Course. Presented by founder, Kathy Pedersen. 

The Qi beauty two-day intensive training course provides extensive practical component for practitioners to master the facial treatments for guaranteed results. The Qi beauty protocols naturally activate and maintain qi with luxurious facial treatments and home kit after care Australian-made products. Kathy Pedersen, founder, presents and demonstrates her protocols of static magnetic fields (SMF) within an acupuncture point matrix for a needle-free treatment for sustainable anti-ageing. 

The art of qi is the focus of every Qi beauty treatment, offering an acupuncture-based philosophy with needle-free cosmetic protocols, designed to address skin conditions naturally. Qi beauty treatments include: beauty lift, lip lift, eye lift, neck repair, décolletage and detoxification. Qi beauty is offering a new dimension in natural and organic age control at the hands of professionals committed to natural therapies.

Qi beauty offers a seamless integration with an existing business while offering the possibility of a new dimension in the relationship between health and beauty with guaranteed results after one treatment. Qi beauty’s commitment to practitioner growth and development is as strong as its commitment to natural, sustainable age-control. Comprehensive business support is inclusive when you decide to expand your business with Qi beauty: clinic menus, gift vouchers, free online advertising listing and merchandising support



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Two-Day Intensive Training
Two-Day Intensive Training
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