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Is it possible for a 15 yr old girl to start dancing, learn ballet and become a professional ballet dancer?

I have now done my first yr of ballet nd I am determind to dance at the paris opera ballet. This is more of a dream, but I want to. Next yr is vce,nd my dad is only letting me do it once a week, so I am looking for a tutor, for when I go to my mothers house.

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Jessica Innes

There's no particular age that you must start dancing in order to consider it as a career however the Paris Opera Ballet is an extraordinarily difficult goal to set yourself as many of their students have trained for hours a day, several days a week for most of their lives. It's great to set your goals high and remember there are many other ways dance can become your profession. At 100 Percent Dance school in Clovelly all of our teachers are professional dancers and we provide many different performance opportunities to help bring you into the industry. Check out our website for class details.


Hello, unfortunately it usually takes many years of ballet lessons to make it to the standard that is required for the Paris Opera Ballet Company. They are one of the top in the world. This doesn't mean that you can't enjoy many happy years of dancing ballet and that you can't do something with it at some point in your life, even if it isn't as a professional ballerina. As ballet requires huge flexibility and range of movement, it is best if you can take more than one class a week consistantly. Why dont you use UTUBE or search the internet for some DVD tutorials that you can buy so that you can do some stuff in your own time, and then you can also back that up with the class from your teacher. There is no need to loose your dream, but maybe you might need to bend it a bit :-) It is amazing what people can achieve when they set their mind to it!!!

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Melbourne Ballet Classes

Superstars - Jazz / Ballet
Superstars - Jazz / Ballet
3 sessions available
Twinkle Toes Classes - Jazz /  Ballet
Twinkle Toes Classes - Jazz / Ballet
3 sessions available
Little Groovers Classes Jazz / Ballet
Little Groovers Classes Jazz / Ballet
7 sessions available

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Adult Basic Ballet classes
Rita Sterling 2 July 25, 2014
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January 31, 2012
do you know of any good ballet dance programs to do on the holidays?
Nina December 19, 2011