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do you know of any good ballet dance programs to do on the holidays?

I want to become really good at ballet, but my dad will only let me do it once a week during school. I want to do a holiday dance program these holidays, but i have only done one year of grade 4 ballet, so most good holiday dance programs only want well experienced ballet dancers. I don't mind how many times a week it is.

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We have a holiday program, look out for our Carisma flyer at dance schools. Many holiday programmes are available for all levels, just call schools first to find out what suits you best.

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Melbourne Ballet Classes

Superstars - Jazz / Ballet
Superstars - Jazz / Ballet
3 sessions available
Twinkle Toes Classes - Jazz /  Ballet
Twinkle Toes Classes - Jazz / Ballet
3 sessions available
Little Groovers Classes Jazz / Ballet
Little Groovers Classes Jazz / Ballet
7 sessions available

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