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Reggio Emilia Approach

Posted by Kids on Canvas on March 21, 2011

What Is The Reggio Emilia Approach?
The Reggio Emilia Approach is a method of teaching kids which centres around the child’s natural development and providing a supportive learning environment. It was initiated by Loris Malaguzzi along with the parents of kids in Reggio Emilia, Italy, after the second World War.
The Reggio Emilia Approach ensures kids

have a certain level of control in their learning direction.
learn from their experiences via their senses (touch, sight, auditory) and activities such as movement and listening.
have unlimited methods and opportunities to express themselves.
can relate with other kids and the world they are exploring.

Teachers facilitate the kid’s learning, rather than just instruct. Teachers will plan lessons and activities based around the kid’s...

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Art of Belonging

Posted by Stacey Jane on March 03, 2013

Allow yourself to be free to do anything,...

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