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Anonymous Questioner

Art always interested me, but I've never been very 'artistic'; what art class should I take to start out?

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Magentas Trinkets

You may enjoy learning how to make jewellery I am based in Windsor Melbourne. I teach silver jewellery making you end up with a completed piece of jewellery to keep that you have created.
I run a six week course which can be arranged to suit days either a one full day or two half days a week by arrangement. The course includes tools, metal and lunch.

Landsborough Art Studio

Not sure where you are located but here at Landsborough Art Studio on Queensland Sunshine Coast we take on all levels of artists using all typres of materials.
I take each student and begin at the very start and teach you how to create and be artistic. Taking you step by step along the way to ensure you acheive great success.
How often do I hear that catch phrase "but I can't draw or paint". Being artistic is not an inherited gift from your parents it is acheived only from hard work and lots of practise. To excell in anything you do you have to put in the hard yards and I mean 1000 hours. Before you begin you must first look at how many hours you are you prepared to put in, the more hours, the sooner you will acheive your goals.
I beleive that you must love what you are doing. I allow my students to create what they love and teach them how to get there along the ****.
Hope this helps

Erika Gofton Art Classes

Foundation Drawing and Painting class is for beginners. Have a look at for more information

Leanne Jones

A drawing class is a good place to start. With out the design skills that drawing will provide, you will find the process interesting but also perhaps frustrating when you begin to paint. For instance as a watercolour teacher I feel you need good drawing skills which act as the backbone to your painting. It supports the work as it proceeds and I also think good drawing should be part of the finished work and I do like to see those lines left in an not erased in a watercolour.

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Melbourne Art Classes

1 session available for $350.00
1 session available for $120.00
Diploma of Visual Art
Diploma of Visual Art
1 session available

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