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September 03, 2010, someone anonymously asked an Accounting question:

I want to get into Accounting as a mature aged student. What is the best way to get started?

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Acrylic Painting

zakir rezaie

July 30, 2011, zakir rezaie asked an Acrylic Painting question:

how should i find painting class

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Jade Massingham

March 09, 2011, Jade Massingham asked an Acting question:

what does head shot mean?

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Adult Basic Education

hebert tamberi

December 12, 2014, hebert tamberi asked an Adult Basic Education question:

How can I book for a RSA course? How much is it? Is there class in bondi junction?

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Alternative Health


March 05, 2013, kamlesh asked an Alternative Health question:

after doing BDS ,MD(AM), is elegible for government job tell me.


Cynthia Paton

July 30, 2012, Cynthia Paton asked an Apple question:

I need a soeone to teach an elderly lady how to use her new ipad in Biggera Waters QLD available?


durga nath gyawali

August 29, 2012, durga nath gyawali asked an Arabic question:

kan i lorn arabic language



September 14, 2010, someone anonymously asked an Art question:

Art always interested me, but I've never been very 'artistic'; what art class should I take to start out?

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Arts and Crafts

The Hills Community Aid Information Service I

March 30, 2011, The Hills Community Aid Information Service I asked an Arts and Crafts question:

We are The Hills Community Aid and Information Service at BAULKHAM HILLS, not Hornsby.

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Anne Muirhead

July 18, 2017, Anne Muirhead asked an AutoCAD question:

In class Study

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Automotive Technology

steve b

May 20, 2013, steve b asked an Automotive Technology question:

I'm looking for an online accredited course involved with the automotive trade

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September 03, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Ballet question:

Is it possible to start Ballet as an Adult?

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Ballroom Dance

Lea Thin seow

June 19, 2017, Lea Thin seow asked a Ballroom Dance question:

Is there a ballroom dance on Sat 19th May next year 2018 207A

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Ballroom Dancing

John Dee

May 02, 2017, John Dee asked a Ballroom Dancing question:

Any ballroom dancing around Warrnambool, Port Fairy or Yambuk Sat 27 May 2017?

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Jon M

April 10, 2012, Jon M asked a Barista question:

When the next Barista Coffee Making Course?


donovan lewis

March 23, 2012, donovan lewis asked a Bartending question:

rsa coarse .. when is the next one

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Beauty Therapy

Shaunice boyd

July 03, 2011, Shaunice boyd asked a Beauty Therapy question:

hi i am 16 years old and want to learn how to do nails.... do you give courses for teens? and how much would that be??

Beer Brewing

james mckay 2

March 26, 2011, james mckay 2 asked a Beer Brewing question:

what is the exact address of the costanzo Advanced brewing course

Belly Dancing


September 14, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Belly Dancing question:

Is bellydancing actually good excercise to lose weight?

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Amy Dunshee

April 04, 2012, Amy Dunshee asked a Biology question:

Is it possible to get a preview of a course syllabus before enrolling in an online class?


Rebecca Thompson

January 19, 2011, Rebecca Thompson asked a Broadcasting question:

is there a casting course in Adelaide? and how much would it be?

Business Management

zain saweet

January 04, 2012, zain saweet asked a Business Management question:

what type of this collage

Business Skills

Sau Chun Shirley Ip

February 10, 2012, Sau Chun Shirley Ip asked a Business Skills question:

1 What courses / quailfications for cook in child care? 2 workplace evaluation - Can I get support form you?

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Business Writing

Fiona 2

October 29, 2010, Fiona 2 asked a Business Writing question:

business course


Rosalie Denny

October 04, 2015, Rosalie Denny asked a Calligraphy question:

I need a calligrapher to fix a couple of letters on a 100 year old Gallipoli certificate. I live in Mooroolbark.

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amy downing

May 07, 2011, amy downing asked a Cheerleading question:

hi my name is amy i am just wondering how much is it to do cheerleading?

Child Development

Candie Kelly

March 14, 2011, Candie Kelly asked a Child Development question:

could you please email me all the courses you have runing in child development , much thnks. Candie

Children's Music


May 27, 2015, someone anonymously asked a Children's Music question:

for my toodler


Ron Johnston

December 08, 2012, Ron Johnston asked a Chinese question:

where can i find learning english classes in Kalgoorlie

Circus Arts

Brielle Cook

October 03, 2011, Brielle Cook asked a Circus Arts question:

Are we able to just sign up for one lesson, and can you teach the unicycle?

Communication Skills

Mandy LAM

July 30, 2015, Mandy LAM asked a Communication Skills question:

I have never put phone number 1300 as contact. Think something wrong with the web site.

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Community Service


October 24, 2011, someone anonymously asked a Community Service question:

Trying to find name and address of a Centre located near Darcy Road who conduct knitting classes

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Computer Training

Fay Turner

April 14, 2011, Fay Turner asked a Computer Training question:

What would be the charge for a Pensioner

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September 03, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Cooking question:

What are the secrets to cooking a good Thai dish?

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Creative Writing

Dorothy Twell

April 13, 2014, Dorothy Twell asked a Creative Writing question:

Are there any other than online classes to be found in Bunbury or Mandurah South West WA regarding Creative Writing.

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Liz Thomas

May 26, 2017, Liz Thomas asked a Dance question:


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Developmental Skills

Marian Rollard

January 28, 2015, Marian Rollard asked a Developmental Skills question:

I'm interested in learning how to play carpet bowls or bowls is there any lessons in Greenvale Victoria area

Dog Training

leslie bairns

April 22, 2012, leslie bairns asked a Dog Training question:

where is carine dog taining?

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toby grant

December 29, 2013, toby grant asked a Drawing question:

how to enroll in a course


sharon gray

August 22, 2011, sharon gray asked an Education question:

is the Certificate III in Education Support government supported


Chandler Besson

April 06, 2011, Chandler Besson asked an English question:

what do i include in my main body in an essay (oral presentation written out like an essay)


Elaine Guo 2

June 13, 2011, Elaine Guo 2 asked an ESL question:

How can I apply for ESL classes?

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Event Planning


November 02, 2012, someone anonymously asked an Event Planning question:

I am interested in doing the event management course - can you please tell me if it is accredited?


carla middleton

February 19, 2014, carla middleton asked a Finance question:

What does the Cert IV in Bookkeeping Course cost?

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venus nikjeh

June 15, 2011, venus nikjeh asked a Flute question:

your student can be 5 year old?

Flying Lessons


January 31, 2011, someone anonymously asked a Flying Lessons question:

PPL - best recreational flying instructor/school


Ken Fredric

January 04, 2016, Ken Fredric asked a French question:

Looking for a French tutor in Scarborough, QLD.

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Furniture Design

Sarah Khan 2

August 14, 2011, Sarah Khan 2 asked a Furniture Design question:

I want to learn how to design and make furniture but don't seem to be having much luck. Any suggestions please?

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Glass Art

Marina Villani Myriad Glass Studio

November 09, 2011, Marina Villani Myriad Glass Studio asked a Glass Art question:

How does my prospective student buy a voucher for christmas?


Oyem Amaylek

November 16, 2013, Oyem Amaylek asked a Greek question:

How i learn Greek for beginners

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July 10, 2016, someone anonymously asked a Guitar question:

Senior Acoustic guitar social groups.

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Club Pero

December 30, 2012, Club Pero asked a Gymnastics question:

I am listed as a teacher only, and would love to be listed as classes too. How do I do this?

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Ashleigh Legg

August 12, 2011, Ashleigh Legg asked a Hairdressing question:

What are the main things i need to know about hairdressing?


Saiful Islam

July 23, 2011, Saiful Islam asked a Health question:

i have admitted myself in ultimo in electronic technology,can i change my course to nursing?

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Heavy Machinery Training

Raeleen Dulic

June 18, 2013, Raeleen Dulic asked a Heavy Machinery Training question:

EWP Course held at Dandenong- Next available dates for 2 participants please

Hip Hop Dance

Jasmine ward

October 14, 2012, Jasmine ward asked a Hip Hop Dance question:

how can i contact you guys for hip hop dance class

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Hip Hop Dancing

Iveta Moore

March 30, 2013, Iveta Moore asked a Hip Hop Dancing question:

Hi I would like to ask you where you are located.? Thank you

Horseback Riding

Barry Robinson

February 04, 2012, Barry Robinson asked a Horseback Riding question:

I am an experienced rider wondering if you have a horse that I could hire for a few hours? I miss riding

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beverley mercer

November 10, 2015, beverley mercer asked a Hospitality question:

I want to cancel my payment. How do I do so?

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Hospitality Management


July 12, 2011, someone anonymously asked a Hospitality Management question:

Looking at doing a course in Hospitality Management near Wollongong.

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Jan McKay

February 02, 2013, Jan McKay asked an Indonesian question:

Will the Indonesian classes be conversational? Terima kasih



May 03, 2012, someone anonymously asked an Internet question:

Fee Concession

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Leanne Wuhrer

November 29, 2010, Leanne Wuhrer asked a Japanese question:

Where is the button to waitlist myself for a course?

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Jewelry Making


October 27, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Jewelry Making question:

lookingfor jellewery teacher to teacher at sans souci.

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tim grant

July 23, 2013, tim grant asked a Karate question:

does a person that goes to this place called Clara she is a orange belt she is 10


Helma Greguric

May 07, 2017, Helma Greguric asked a Knitting question:

We're can I join a knitting group

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Kung Fu


February 12, 2011, someone anonymously asked a Kung Fu question:

how old does a child have to be to learn kung fu?

Leadership Development

Anthony Foster

March 28, 2011, Anthony Foster asked a Leadership Development question:

I am looking for chinese speaking business partner for global leadership education program


amna javed

September 16, 2011, amna javed asked a Literature question:

scope of studying literature in australia


rob taylor

July 16, 2011, rob taylor asked a Mandarin question:

what is the difference between mandarin full form characters as against chinese simplified for translation purposes

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levana vos

May 26, 2012, levana vos asked a Massage question:

what qualifications do I need in massage to start my own buisness?

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April 24, 2013, NOREDITH MECHILINA asked a Math question:

where can i get my volunteer training as teacher aide in runcorn or sunnybank queensland?


mohammad rahman

May 26, 2014, mohammad rahman asked a Mathematics question:

taxi training course cost, timetable, part time , weekend

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July 14, 2017, someone anonymously asked a Meditation question:

Meditation in a group setting. How much does it cost? When are the classes held? How many per class? Location? etc

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Mental Health & Counseling

Kim Greene

April 13, 2011, Kim Greene asked a Mental Health & Counseling question:

Do you offer Mental Health training?

Microsoft Excel


January 28, 2016, someone anonymously asked a Microsoft Excel question:

I need to have training course EXCEL

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Microsoft Outlook


April 16, 2015, someone anonymously asked a Microsoft Outlook question:

Do you training in outlook 2013 on line

Microsoft Sharepoint


July 12, 2011, someone anonymously asked a Microsoft Sharepoint question:

Microsoft SharePoint - recommendations / feedback?


Aaron Davis

September 30, 2015, Aaron Davis asked a Motorcycle question:

Is the cert III in light vehicle automotive covered by vet fee help?

Muay Thai

anthony andrighetti

September 27, 2014, anthony andrighetti asked a Muay Thai question:

how do i get my two girls to go to train self defence on there own accord

Music Composition

Jane Hopkins

January 27, 2011, Jane Hopkins asked a Music Composition question:

would you be able to cope with a person with aspergers?


Ive Kat

March 02, 2015, Ive Kat asked a Nutrition question:

Nutrition Introduction - is this a nationally recognised certificate? What modules does this cover? Can I do it quickly?

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jacque delaney

October 10, 2017, jacque delaney asked a Painting question:

Hi I would like to learn to paint but am wondering do you need to be able to draw.

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Celine GassiN

January 19, 2011, Celine GassiN asked a Parenting question:

should we as perent's envove the children in our arrgument's.

Personal Training

Bron Rowe

April 17, 2013, Bron Rowe asked a Personal Training question:

Is this course still available? Cert 3/4 in personal training

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Deborah Shaw

October 04, 2010, Deborah Shaw asked a Photography question:

How do I load photos from my computer?

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September 24, 2013, someone anonymously asked a Pilates question:

Hi I was wondering how much are pilates classes if not a member of the gym ?

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Pole Dancing

cindle rose 2

September 10, 2014, cindle rose 2 asked a Pole Dancing question:

Cranbourne East


SaJo Cerams

July 10, 2014, SaJo Cerams asked a Pottery question:

I have just discovered I may have two domore accounts, one free, one professional can the traffic from one be redirected


Rebecca Beardmore

October 14, 2010, Rebecca Beardmore asked a Printmaking question:

Hi, can you tell me where you purchase your Ferric Chloride from in Sydney?

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Kim Hunter

August 16, 2015, Kim Hunter asked a Psychology question:

Are your courses recognised by tertiary institutions? Will QUT recognise it as prior learning?

Real Estate


April 17, 2011, someone anonymously asked a Real Estate question:

Can I transfer my WA real estate licence to PAMD Qsld

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Mike Webb

March 31, 2015, Mike Webb asked a Russian question:

I am visiting Kharkov and would like to speak some Russiam

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Safety & First Aid

Sharyn Considine

March 22, 2016, Sharyn Considine asked a Safety & First Aid question:

Do you have trainers that can teach Vietnamese speaking students in First Aid/CPR

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September 03, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Sailing question:

How long does it take to learn how to sail?


john MUAVAE tuiloma

January 07, 2012, john MUAVAE tuiloma asked a Sales question:

Can i get what i do need to find a job for a car dealer please?

Salsa Dance


August 12, 2011, Claudia asked a Salsa Dance question:

Where could i find a salsa club/party in Rhodes this weekend ore next week?


Mark McCarroll

December 10, 2012, Mark McCarroll asked a Science question:

Is the zoology course accredited?

Scuba Diving


December 07, 2011, JANE BUGEJA asked a Scuba Diving question:


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May 21, 2017, kelvin asked a Sculpture question:

who teaches mod metal sculpture in vic

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Tze Peh

July 25, 2015, Tze Peh asked a Security question:

Cert 4 Security Risk Management Package $1,999 and $2,850

Senior Care


July 12, 2012, someone anonymously asked a Senior Care question:

is there a free course in aged care in box hill

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fatimah najafi

July 23, 2017, fatimah najafi asked a Sewing question:

are you in craigieburn ??

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Sewing & Fabric Arts

Susan Rosairo

April 13, 2013, Susan Rosairo asked a Sewing & Fabric Arts question:

Baby Quilt

Sign Language

5Rhythms Movement Meditation with Geash

April 21, 2011, 5Rhythms Movement Meditation with Geash asked a Sign Language question:

Where can i learn sign language in Byronshire?



October 29, 2012, someone anonymously asked a Spanish question:

Add a Comment...I am just wondering if there are Spanish classes in Albany Western Australia?

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Special Education

Ruth Butcher

February 24, 2012, Ruth Butcher asked a Special Education question:

Can I work in schools?



September 03, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Surfing question:

I want to take up surf lessons in summer. Is it worthwhile getting started with an online surf class beforehand?

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scott Duncan

November 05, 2012, scott Duncan asked a Sustainability question:

How much does the ChemCert course cost



September 03, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Swimming question:

At what age should my child begin swimming lessons?

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Tai Chi

Aaron House

August 24, 2014, Aaron House asked a Tai Chi question:

Are there any tai chi classes in marion/brighton areas?

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Tap Dance

georgia chios

October 10, 2013, georgia chios asked a Tap Dance question:

what is the cost of a beginner tap class

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Elizaebth Roy

April 11, 2012, Elizaebth Roy asked a Teaching question:

ESL teacher looking for work.

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Varshna karan

January 31, 2012, Varshna karan asked a Tennis question:

Hi My husband wants to do tennis coaching courses from Canberra. is there any place?

Trade Skills

Neill Snowdon

August 05, 2015, Neill Snowdon asked a Trade Skills question:

I have a pensioner's card and would like to know if I can get the course at a reduced rate?

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Osman Suleban

November 27, 2013, Osman Suleban asked a Training question:

Were can I train a hearvy duty tyer fitter in Melbourne

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Training & Assessment

dean steele

June 21, 2011, dean steele asked a Training & Assessment question:

see below explantion.

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Kathy Ott

March 30, 2014, Kathy Ott asked a Tutoring question:

Hi, I am looking for a tutor to help me with the Diploma of OH&S course that I'm currently doing.

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Veterinary Science


April 12, 2012, someone anonymously asked a Veterinary Science question:

What qualifications would you need to become a zoo keeper?

Video & Fantasy Games


January 10, 2011, someone anonymously asked a Video & Fantasy Games question:

how do u get super jump on c.o.d black ops

Water Aerobics

margaret reidy

January 12, 2011, margaret reidy asked a Water Aerobics question:

what are the times and price of water aerobics in Leichhardt

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Web & Graphic Design

Cheyne Stevenson

March 30, 2011, Cheyne Stevenson asked a Web & Graphic Design question:

is there any graphic design classes in glenorchy tas i can take based on adobe illustartor

Wine Appreciation

Liana Lidden

June 22, 2011, Liana Lidden asked a Wine Appreciation question:

When is the next class?

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October 15, 2013, KEITH REYNOLDS asked a Woodworking question:

Would anyone be interested in starting up classes in our Neighbourhood Centre Telopea? 0407 416701. Open to suggestions.

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September 03, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Yoga question:

I am interested in starting Yoga classes but I am really confused about all the different styles?

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Cheryl Lightfoot

December 30, 2010, Cheryl Lightfoot asked a Zumba question:

is this for beginners

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Hi I would like to learn to paint but am wondering do you need to be able to draw.
Carollyn RhodesThompson answered October 15, 2017
Seeking a painting teacher for home visits in Mount Hutton area. (Eleebana Shores Retirement Village)
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Hi I would like to learn to paint but am wondering do you need to be able to draw.
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Hi I would like to learn to paint but am wondering do you need to be able to draw.
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How long is a term?
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How long is a term?
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Sew Good
are you in craigieburn ??
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Rob Fischer 2
In class Study
Rob Fischer 2 answered July 19, 2017
Fiona Raw
Meditation in a group setting. How much does it cost? When are the classes held? How many per class? Location? etc
Fiona Raw answered July 18, 2017