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doMore was our original passion project born out of the desire to help connect people wanting to learn something new with experts that could teach them over 10 years ago.

Over the years we have helped almost 70,000 learners connect with one of over 1,500 courses and providers, across the country. For that, we're very proud and grateful for your contribution. also served to teach us about how to help measure and improve business performance and inspired the launch and growth of two other companies as a result, one of which we've decided to dedicate our resources and energy to making great.

We'll be switching the site off on Tuesday 31st of July. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us directly on [email protected].

Thanks again and good luck with your teaching endeavours in the future.

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September 03, 2010, someone anonymously asked an Accounting question:

I want to get into Accounting as a mature aged student. What is the best way to get started?

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Acrylic Painting

zakir rezaie

July 30, 2011, zakir rezaie asked an Acrylic Painting question:

how should i find painting class

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Jade Massingham

March 09, 2011, Jade Massingham asked an Acting question:

what does head shot mean?

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Adult Basic Education

hebert tamberi

December 12, 2014, hebert tamberi asked an Adult Basic Education question:

How can I book for a RSA course? How much is it? Is there class in bondi junction?

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Alternative Health


March 05, 2013, kamlesh asked an Alternative Health question:

after doing BDS ,MD(AM), is elegible for government job tell me.


Cynthia Paton

July 30, 2012, Cynthia Paton asked an Apple question:

I need a soeone to teach an elderly lady how to use her new ipad in Biggera Waters QLD available?


durga nath gyawali

August 29, 2012, durga nath gyawali asked an Arabic question:

kan i lorn arabic language



September 14, 2010, someone anonymously asked an Art question:

Art always interested me, but I've never been very 'artistic'; what art class should I take to start out?

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Arts and Crafts

The Hills Community Aid Information Service I

March 30, 2011, The Hills Community Aid Information Service I asked an Arts and Crafts question:

We are The Hills Community Aid and Information Service at BAULKHAM HILLS, not Hornsby.

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jim dawes

October 17, 2018, jim dawes asked an Astrology question:

how to track hourly movements of the moon and sun

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Anne Muirhead

July 18, 2017, Anne Muirhead asked an AutoCAD question:

In class Study

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Automotive Technology

steve b

May 20, 2013, steve b asked an Automotive Technology question:

I'm looking for an online accredited course involved with the automotive trade

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September 03, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Ballet question:

Is it possible to start Ballet as an Adult?

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Ballroom Dance

Lea Thin seow

June 19, 2017, Lea Thin seow asked a Ballroom Dance question:

Is there a ballroom dance on Sat 19th May next year 2018 207A

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Ballroom Dancing

John Dee

May 02, 2017, John Dee asked a Ballroom Dancing question:

Any ballroom dancing around Warrnambool, Port Fairy or Yambuk Sat 27 May 2017?

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Jon M

April 10, 2012, Jon M asked a Barista question:

When the next Barista Coffee Making Course?


donovan lewis

March 23, 2012, donovan lewis asked a Bartending question:

rsa coarse .. when is the next one

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Beauty Therapy

Shaunice boyd

July 03, 2011, Shaunice boyd asked a Beauty Therapy question:

hi i am 16 years old and want to learn how to do nails.... do you give courses for teens? and how much would that be??

Beer Brewing

james mckay 2

March 26, 2011, james mckay 2 asked a Beer Brewing question:

what is the exact address of the costanzo Advanced brewing course

Belly Dancing


September 14, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Belly Dancing question:

Is bellydancing actually good excercise to lose weight?

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Amy Dunshee

April 04, 2012, Amy Dunshee asked a Biology question:

Is it possible to get a preview of a course syllabus before enrolling in an online class?


Rebecca Thompson

January 19, 2011, Rebecca Thompson asked a Broadcasting question:

is there a casting course in Adelaide? and how much would it be?

Business Management

zain saweet

January 04, 2012, zain saweet asked a Business Management question:

what type of this collage

Business Skills

Sau Chun Shirley Ip

February 10, 2012, Sau Chun Shirley Ip asked a Business Skills question:

1 What courses / quailfications for cook in child care? 2 workplace evaluation - Can I get support form you?

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Business Writing

Fiona 2

October 29, 2010, Fiona 2 asked a Business Writing question:

business course


Rosalie Denny

October 04, 2015, Rosalie Denny asked a Calligraphy question:

I need a calligrapher to fix a couple of letters on a 100 year old Gallipoli certificate. I live in Mooroolbark.

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amy downing

May 07, 2011, amy downing asked a Cheerleading question:

hi my name is amy i am just wondering how much is it to do cheerleading?

Child Development

Candie Kelly

March 14, 2011, Candie Kelly asked a Child Development question:

could you please email me all the courses you have runing in child development , much thnks. Candie [email protected]

Children's Music


May 27, 2015, someone anonymously asked a Children's Music question:

for my toodler


Ron Johnston

December 08, 2012, Ron Johnston asked a Chinese question:

where can i find learning english classes in Kalgoorlie

Circus Arts

Brielle Cook

October 03, 2011, Brielle Cook asked a Circus Arts question:

Are we able to just sign up for one lesson, and can you teach the unicycle?

Communication Skills

Mandy LAM

July 30, 2015, Mandy LAM asked a Communication Skills question:

I have never put phone number 1300 as contact. Think something wrong with the web site.

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Community Service


October 24, 2011, someone anonymously asked a Community Service question:

Trying to find name and address of a Centre located near Darcy Road who conduct knitting classes

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Computer Training

Fay Turner

April 14, 2011, Fay Turner asked a Computer Training question:

What would be the charge for a Pensioner

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September 03, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Cooking question:

What are the secrets to cooking a good Thai dish?

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Creative Writing

Dorothy Twell

April 13, 2014, Dorothy Twell asked a Creative Writing question:

Are there any other than online classes to be found in Bunbury or Mandurah South West WA regarding Creative Writing.

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Liz Thomas

May 26, 2017, Liz Thomas asked a Dance question:


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Developmental Skills

Marian Rollard

January 28, 2015, Marian Rollard asked a Developmental Skills question:

I'm interested in learning how to play carpet bowls or bowls is there any lessons in Greenvale Victoria area

Dog Training

leslie bairns

April 22, 2012, leslie bairns asked a Dog Training question:

where is carine dog taining?

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toby grant

December 29, 2013, toby grant asked a Drawing question:

how to enroll in a course


sharon gray

August 22, 2011, sharon gray asked an Education question:

is the Certificate III in Education Support government supported


Chandler Besson

April 06, 2011, Chandler Besson asked an English question:

what do i include in my main body in an essay (oral presentation written out like an essay)


Elaine Guo 2

June 13, 2011, Elaine Guo 2 asked an ESL question:

How can I apply for ESL classes?

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Event Planning


November 02, 2012, someone anonymously asked an Event Planning question:

I am interested in doing the event management course - can you please tell me if it is accredited?


carla middleton

February 19, 2014, carla middleton asked a Finance question:

What does the Cert IV in Bookkeeping Course cost?

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venus nikjeh

June 15, 2011, venus nikjeh asked a Flute question:

your student can be 5 year old?

Flying Lessons


January 31, 2011, someone anonymously asked a Flying Lessons question:

PPL - best recreational flying instructor/school


Ken Fredric

January 04, 2016, Ken Fredric asked a French question:

Looking for a French tutor in Scarborough, QLD.

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Furniture Design

Sarah Khan 2

August 14, 2011, Sarah Khan 2 asked a Furniture Design question:

I want to learn how to design and make furniture but don't seem to be having much luck. Any suggestions please?

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Glass Art

Marina Villani Myriad Glass Studio

November 09, 2011, Marina Villani Myriad Glass Studio asked a Glass Art question:

How does my prospective student buy a voucher for christmas?


Oyem Amaylek

November 16, 2013, Oyem Amaylek asked a Greek question:

How i learn Greek for beginners

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July 10, 2016, someone anonymously asked a Guitar question:

Senior Acoustic guitar social groups.

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Club Pero

December 30, 2012, Club Pero asked a Gymnastics question:

I am listed as a teacher only, and would love to be listed as classes too. How do I do this?

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Ashleigh Legg

August 12, 2011, Ashleigh Legg asked a Hairdressing question:

What are the main things i need to know about hairdressing?


Saiful Islam

July 23, 2011, Saiful Islam asked a Health question:

i have admitted myself in ultimo in electronic technology,can i change my course to nursing?

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Heavy Machinery Training

Raeleen Dulic

June 18, 2013, Raeleen Dulic asked a Heavy Machinery Training question:

EWP Course held at Dandenong- Next available dates for 2 participants please

Hip Hop Dance

Jasmine ward

October 14, 2012, Jasmine ward asked a Hip Hop Dance question:

how can i contact you guys for hip hop dance class

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Hip Hop Dancing

Iveta Moore

March 30, 2013, Iveta Moore asked a Hip Hop Dancing question:

Hi I would like to ask you where you are located.? Thank you

Horseback Riding

Barry Robinson

February 04, 2012, Barry Robinson asked a Horseback Riding question:

I am an experienced rider wondering if you have a horse that I could hire for a few hours? I miss riding

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beverley mercer

November 10, 2015, beverley mercer asked a Hospitality question:

I want to cancel my payment. How do I do so?

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Hospitality Management


July 12, 2011, someone anonymously asked a Hospitality Management question:

Looking at doing a course in Hospitality Management near Wollongong.

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Jan McKay

February 02, 2013, Jan McKay asked an Indonesian question:

Will the Indonesian classes be conversational? Terima kasih



May 03, 2012, someone anonymously asked an Internet question:

Fee Concession

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Leanne Wuhrer

November 29, 2010, Leanne Wuhrer asked a Japanese question:

Where is the button to waitlist myself for a course?

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Jewelry Making


October 27, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Jewelry Making question:

lookingfor jellewery teacher to teacher at sans souci.

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tim grant

July 23, 2013, tim grant asked a Karate question:

does a person that goes to this place called Clara she is a orange belt she is 10


Helma Greguric

May 07, 2017, Helma Greguric asked a Knitting question:

We're can I join a knitting group

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Kung Fu


February 12, 2011, someone anonymously asked a Kung Fu question:

how old does a child have to be to learn kung fu?

Leadership Development

Anthony Foster

March 28, 2011, Anthony Foster asked a Leadership Development question:

I am looking for chinese speaking business partner for global leadership education program


amna javed

September 16, 2011, amna javed asked a Literature question:

scope of studying literature in australia


rob taylor

July 16, 2011, rob taylor asked a Mandarin question:

what is the difference between mandarin full form characters as against chinese simplified for translation purposes

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levana vos

May 26, 2012, levana vos asked a Massage question:

what qualifications do I need in massage to start my own buisness?

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April 24, 2013, NOREDITH MECHILINA asked a Math question:

where can i get my volunteer training as teacher aide in runcorn or sunnybank queensland?


mohammad rahman

May 26, 2014, mohammad rahman asked a Mathematics question:

taxi training course cost, timetable, part time , weekend

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July 14, 2017, someone anonymously asked a Meditation question:

Meditation in a group setting. How much does it cost? When are the classes held? How many per class? Location? etc

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Mental Health & Counseling

Kim Greene

April 13, 2011, Kim Greene asked a Mental Health & Counseling question:

Do you offer Mental Health training?

Microsoft Excel


January 28, 2016, someone anonymously asked a Microsoft Excel question:

I need to have training course EXCEL

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Microsoft Outlook


April 16, 2015, someone anonymously asked a Microsoft Outlook question:

Do you training in outlook 2013 on line

Microsoft Sharepoint


July 12, 2011, someone anonymously asked a Microsoft Sharepoint question:

Microsoft SharePoint - recommendations / feedback?


Aaron Davis

September 30, 2015, Aaron Davis asked a Motorcycle question:

Is the cert III in light vehicle automotive covered by vet fee help?

Muay Thai

anthony andrighetti

September 27, 2014, anthony andrighetti asked a Muay Thai question:

how do i get my two girls to go to train self defence on there own accord

Music Composition

Jane Hopkins

January 27, 2011, Jane Hopkins asked a Music Composition question:

would you be able to cope with a person with aspergers?


Ive Kat

March 02, 2015, Ive Kat asked a Nutrition question:

Nutrition Introduction - is this a nationally recognised certificate? What modules does this cover? Can I do it quickly?

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jacque delaney

October 10, 2017, jacque delaney asked a Painting question:

Hi I would like to learn to paint but am wondering do you need to be able to draw.

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Celine GassiN

January 19, 2011, Celine GassiN asked a Parenting question:

should we as perent's envove the children in our arrgument's.

Personal Training

Bron Rowe

April 17, 2013, Bron Rowe asked a Personal Training question:

Is this course still available? Cert 3/4 in personal training

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Deborah Shaw

October 04, 2010, Deborah Shaw asked a Photography question:

How do I load photos from my computer?

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September 24, 2013, someone anonymously asked a Pilates question:

Hi I was wondering how much are pilates classes if not a member of the gym ?

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Pole Dancing

cindle rose 2

September 10, 2014, cindle rose 2 asked a Pole Dancing question:

Cranbourne East


SaJo Cerams

July 10, 2014, SaJo Cerams asked a Pottery question:

I have just discovered I may have two domore accounts, one free, one professional can the traffic from one be redirected


Rebecca Beardmore

October 14, 2010, Rebecca Beardmore asked a Printmaking question:

Hi, can you tell me where you purchase your Ferric Chloride from in Sydney?

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Kim Hunter

August 16, 2015, Kim Hunter asked a Psychology question:

Are your courses recognised by tertiary institutions? Will QUT recognise it as prior learning?

Real Estate


April 17, 2011, someone anonymously asked a Real Estate question:

Can I transfer my WA real estate licence to PAMD Qsld

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Mike Webb

March 31, 2015, Mike Webb asked a Russian question:

I am visiting Kharkov and would like to speak some Russiam

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Safety & First Aid

Sharyn Considine

March 22, 2016, Sharyn Considine asked a Safety & First Aid question:

Do you have trainers that can teach Vietnamese speaking students in First Aid/CPR

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September 03, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Sailing question:

How long does it take to learn how to sail?


john MUAVAE tuiloma

January 07, 2012, john MUAVAE tuiloma asked a Sales question:

Can i get what i do need to find a job for a car dealer please?

Salsa Dance


August 12, 2011, Claudia asked a Salsa Dance question:

Where could i find a salsa club/party in Rhodes this weekend ore next week?


Mark McCarroll

December 10, 2012, Mark McCarroll asked a Science question:

Is the zoology course accredited?

Scuba Diving


December 07, 2011, JANE BUGEJA asked a Scuba Diving question:


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May 21, 2017, kelvin asked a Sculpture question:

who teaches mod metal sculpture in vic

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Tze Peh

July 25, 2015, Tze Peh asked a Security question:

Cert 4 Security Risk Management Package $1,999 and $2,850

Senior Care


July 12, 2012, someone anonymously asked a Senior Care question:

is there a free course in aged care in box hill

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fatimah najafi

July 23, 2017, fatimah najafi asked a Sewing question:

are you in craigieburn ??

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Sewing & Fabric Arts

Susan Rosairo

April 13, 2013, Susan Rosairo asked a Sewing & Fabric Arts question:

Baby Quilt

Sign Language

5Rhythms Movement Meditation with Geash

April 21, 2011, 5Rhythms Movement Meditation with Geash asked a Sign Language question:

Where can i learn sign language in Byronshire?



October 29, 2012, someone anonymously asked a Spanish question:

Add a Comment...I am just wondering if there are Spanish classes in Albany Western Australia?

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Special Education

Ruth Butcher

February 24, 2012, Ruth Butcher asked a Special Education question:

Can I work in schools?



September 03, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Surfing question:

I want to take up surf lessons in summer. Is it worthwhile getting started with an online surf class beforehand?

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scott Duncan

November 05, 2012, scott Duncan asked a Sustainability question:

How much does the ChemCert course cost



September 03, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Swimming question:

At what age should my child begin swimming lessons?

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Tai Chi

Aaron House

August 24, 2014, Aaron House asked a Tai Chi question:

Are there any tai chi classes in marion/brighton areas?

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Tap Dance

georgia chios

October 10, 2013, georgia chios asked a Tap Dance question:

what is the cost of a beginner tap class

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Elizaebth Roy

April 11, 2012, Elizaebth Roy asked a Teaching question:

ESL teacher looking for work.

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Varshna karan

January 31, 2012, Varshna karan asked a Tennis question:

Hi My husband wants to do tennis coaching courses from Canberra. is there any place?

Trade Skills

Neill Snowdon

August 05, 2015, Neill Snowdon asked a Trade Skills question:

I have a pensioner's card and would like to know if I can get the course at a reduced rate?

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Osman Suleban

November 27, 2013, Osman Suleban asked a Training question:

Were can I train a hearvy duty tyer fitter in Melbourne

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Training & Assessment

dean steele

June 21, 2011, dean steele asked a Training & Assessment question:

see below explantion.

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Kathy Ott

March 30, 2014, Kathy Ott asked a Tutoring question:

Hi, I am looking for a tutor to help me with the Diploma of OH&S course that I'm currently doing.

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Veterinary Science


April 12, 2012, someone anonymously asked a Veterinary Science question:

What qualifications would you need to become a zoo keeper?

Video & Fantasy Games


January 10, 2011, someone anonymously asked a Video & Fantasy Games question:

how do u get super jump on c.o.d black ops

Water Aerobics

margaret reidy

January 12, 2011, margaret reidy asked a Water Aerobics question:

what are the times and price of water aerobics in Leichhardt

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Web & Graphic Design

Cheyne Stevenson

March 30, 2011, Cheyne Stevenson asked a Web & Graphic Design question:

is there any graphic design classes in glenorchy tas i can take based on adobe illustartor

Wine Appreciation

Liana Lidden

June 22, 2011, Liana Lidden asked a Wine Appreciation question:

When is the next class?

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October 15, 2013, KEITH REYNOLDS asked a Woodworking question:

Would anyone be interested in starting up classes in our Neighbourhood Centre Telopea? 0407 416701. Open to suggestions.

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September 03, 2010, someone anonymously asked a Yoga question:

I am interested in starting Yoga classes but I am really confused about all the different styles?

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Cheryl Lightfoot

December 30, 2010, Cheryl Lightfoot asked a Zumba question:

is this for beginners

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Hi I would like to learn to paint but am wondering do you need to be able to draw.
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Seeking a painting teacher for home visits in Mount Hutton area. (Eleebana Shores Retirement Village)
MaryAnne answered October 11, 2017
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Hi I would like to learn to paint but am wondering do you need to be able to draw.
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Hi I would like to learn to paint but am wondering do you need to be able to draw.
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How long is a term?
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Hip to Hip Bellydance
How long is a term?
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Sew Good
are you in craigieburn ??
Sew Good answered July 24, 2017
Rob Fischer 2
In class Study
Rob Fischer 2 answered July 19, 2017
Fiona Raw
Meditation in a group setting. How much does it cost? When are the classes held? How many per class? Location? etc
Fiona Raw answered July 18, 2017