Why Use Energy EFT?

Posted by Tap Into Energy on July 21, 2014

I get asked why I chose Energy EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to work with.
There are certainly lots of EFT styles out there and I chose to train with The AMT (The Association for Meridian and Energy Therapies).
For my tastes the training and the understanding is very simple, and we don’t get caught up in the spirituality or the science. There’s a lot of really amazing people doing some fabulous work with spiritual development and scientific research and I enjoy looking at both sides. And I certainly have worked on my spiritual development using EFT. But I was looking for something that was going to be in my opinion fairly mainstream and not too left of center. Energy EFT does involve meridians and it does involve tapping. Let’s keep it simple and understand that you can use it in any way.

I have used Energy EFT to help people, including my 3 children, with their own personal development. Discovering Energy EFT has taken something that I’ve always had inside me and just delivered it to me out of nowhere and I haven’t looked back. It’s different enough for my personal taste but recognized enough that I feel supported and that I’m doing something that has a lot of historical success. First and foremost I’d like to bring Energy EFT into the mainstream public eye and train many practitioners to facilitate this. I believe that we need to keep it fairly straightforward to have mass appeal.

In my opinion, one of the best aspects of being an EFT Practitioner is I have the gift of being able to give people techniques they can use themselves anytime and anywhere. They can use it for simple things with themselves, their family, or friends. It is tangible and doesn’t rely on meditation or process or healing through a higher source. It primarily and solely deals with our own Energy System. It is so easy to demonstrate in applying EFT, the way we see and feel the energy body. Most disciplines have this belief that when energy is flowing, free of obstacles or blockages, that we are in our ultimate state, and I believe this to be true. When our energy is blocked we feel low or unable to motivate ourselves. We might experience physical pain and certainly emotional disturbances. The flip-side of this is most of us have experienced for example being excited about tasks, situations or people. This level of joy is a glimpse into how it feels for our energy to be free and flowing. It shows up that we can feel like this. EFT empowers us by giving us the tools to bring about these feelings by establishing the flow of energy.

Now I am an EFT Master Practitioner and Trainer, and I work with many modalities; EmoTrance, Bach Flowers, BMH (BioMagnetic Healing), Freestyle NLP & Reiki. I love all my modalities, and some clients prefer to have treatments and be passive in the process.
But I keep coming back to EFT because EFT is one of the very few methods where the client learns the skill to practice themselves. This is so empowering especially when working with younger people. It’s just one of the most simple yet effective things I’ve ever worked with.


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