Posted by Anne Eske on September 28, 2012

Here is some feedback from a student.....


Dear Anne,

This letter is to say a very big thank you.  When I came to see you I was very lost.

Kinergetics has helped me so much, it has turned my life around.  Since seeing you I have become more confident and more sure of my abilities.  My obsessive compulsive behaviour with pegs is no longer a problem and after 16 years I was able to say my x-husbands name. These had all been a huge problem for me but not any more.  I thought that the only thing I could do was be a mother and wife, but since then I have completed my first year of studies to be a Crystal Therapist.  My sister has commented on how I have changed and how wonderful it is.

I have always been absolutely blown away by the amazing results that I have got from Kinergetics.  You have always been really easy to talk to and I have always enjoyed coming to see you for my sessions.  Knowing what Kinergetics can do inspired me to want to learn Kinergetics in the view of becoming a practitioner myself and helping others the way that you have helped me. 

I am so glad that I attended your Kinergetics workshops Units 1-4. You are a wonderful teacher and now my desire to be a practitioner will become a reality. 

Once again Anne thank you so much.




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