What is Tantra?

Posted by Lotus Tantra on August 18, 2014

What is Tantra?
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Tantra is a spiritual path that leads to higher consciousness and bliss. Tantra is not a religion, it is more a way of life, and has been practised all of the world for thousands of years.

The word tantra itself can be understood by breaking it down into its parts….”tan” refers to the tension created through separation and dualism. “tra” means to transcend, to transcend this dualistic mentality towards a realisation of oneness, of unity.

Tantra speaks a lot about the separation we have created between the masculine aspect (Shiva) and the feminine aspect (Shakti). What lies within you is a potent, powerful force known as Kundalini, which lies dormant in the mooladhara (root chakra). Once it is activated it becomes Shakti kundalini, as it passes up through the chakras to join with Shiva, located in sahasrara (crown chakra). The ultimate goal of tantra (or any spiritual path) is the union of the Shakti and Shiva energies within us through the awakening of the kundalini. This is the act of transcending dualities and merging into unified oneness with the divine nature of the Omniverse. Tantra enables us to be grounded to the Shakti/feminine energy of Mother Earth whilst simultaneously connecting with the expansive Shiva/male energy of the spiritual cosmos – thus living heaven on earth.

Kundalini can be awakened through various means (such as pranayama, initiation, sex, even child birth) and once awakened, you undergo a profound transformation of body, mind & spirit, enabling you to access infinite energy, awareness & insight. If you are physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually unprepared for this shift, however, this awakening can manifest in seemingly negative ways, since as it passes through each chakra, whatever suppressed emotions that are blocked in that chakra will rise to the surface, to conscious awareness. This may also be referred to as a cleansing or “healing crisis”.

Tantra is unique in its spiritual approach in that it celebrates life and human nature, rather than denying or suppressing it. As such, tantra encourages us to embrace and harness our sexual energy (the most powerful force on the planet, the energy that creates worlds) and direct it toward a higher purpose. The key facet of tantra is sublimation – that is, transforming energy from our lower chakras (energy centres), and drawing it up to our higher chakras. Through pranayama (extension of the prāṇa/breath/life force) we can, for example, direct our sexual energy up to our heart and transform it into deep love. With an awakened kundalini, this energy can be directed toward our crown chakra and sublimated into bliss, or enlightenment.

While Tantra works deeply with sexual energy, sexual activity is not a necessary aspect of Tantra, and can therefore be practised by individuals not in a relationship. In fact, tantra is really a path of self-realization and liberation, therefore whtether we are in a relationship or not, we still need to begin within our own body-mind-spirit temple. Buddhists, for example, practise “White Tantra”, which is practised by oneself by merging with particular deities and embodying that deity’s qualities.  Tantric sexual practises with a partner are often referred to as “Red Tantra”.  Most traditions believe that red tantra is the swiftest path to enlightenment.

At Lotus Tantra: Sacred Love Coaching Adelaide, we follow an authentic approach to tantra in that we believe in celebrating and embracing our powerful sexual energy toward higher spiritual aspirations of expanded consciousness, unconditional love and unity with all of life. We have a strong heart-centred approach, as we believe that love will heal everything.

It is through this expansion into great love that tantra has helped us heal our own hearts and maintain a deeply connected, loving union within our relationship. We have a plethora of tools and tantric techniques to share with you which we strongly feel will also bring you a deeper connection and love within yourself and others.


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