Leave me alone, you Daffi-ANT!

Posted by Libertylife on November 04, 2010


If you’ve never had a negative thought, stop reading now. If you’ve had one, let me introduce you to the Daffi-Ant Syndrome. We’ve all had it, at least at one point in our lives. Well, at least we’ve all had ANT. A Negative Thought. 

These ANTs are so powerful. They often appear in long trails one after another, relentlessly invading our minds, easily nesting there where they breed to plague proportions! These ANTs need something to feed on to give them uncompromising strength to rob us of our peace of mind. So what do we give them? Doubt, Anger, False Fear and Ignorance - DAFFI. 

Know your ANTs. Delve into your deeper consciousness and you might find a well-organised army of DoubtANTs, AngerANTs, FearANTs, IntolerANTs, EgoANTs, IgnorANTs, CriticANTs, ArrogANTs and, especially, cAN’Ts. This army is determined to defeat out resolve, growth and inner calm. 

We need to wage war against these ANTs! Build resistANTs and build shields of positive energy to fight against the disease of negativity. Just like a virus, we’re being attacked by tiny enemies, not just one big one. The easiest way to weaken these enemies is to starve them. Deny them of their constant diet of negativity. How can the “I’m too stiff”-ANT survive if we treat it with “each day, I’m getting more flexible”?

Life is sometimes like a battlefield and our bodies are the vehicles with which we enter battle. Our senses are the power that drive our vehicle. Our thoughts determine our destination. ANTs lead us into negativity but thoughts born in the nest of higher consciousness are positive and will lead us to grow and evolve. 

Dr Masura Emoto (a doctor of alternative therapies) published a book in 1999 in which he shows photographs of frozen water crystals which prior to freezing were subjected to beautiful and ugly words like ‘love’ and ‘hate’. He noticed that the water that had beautiful and positive words spoken to it, formed into complete crystals while the water that was given negativity formed broken crystals or no crystals at all. 

In the same way, with every ANT we allow to control us, we are doing damage to our bodies which consist of at least 50 - 70% water! Dr Emoto’s work has been subjected to much skepticism but you cannot disagree that when someone, or even yourself, calls you names or says something nasty, you don’t only feel horrible emotionally but you start feeling it in your body. Especially if this occurs continuously over a long period of time. 


Also, it doesn’t have to be harsh words. Stress of any kind will eventually affect us on the physical level. For instance, we hold our shoulders stiffly, closing off our chests to hide our hearts from further onslaught. 


Yoga can help us tone the vehicle, to be in tune with our bodies, and make us stronger and fitter for battle against the ANTs and life in general. It can help us become more flexible and strong on a physical and emotional level. It can also help us by relaxing the body, mind and spirit, allowing us to become more tolerant, more accepting and thus, less critical of ourselves and what we perceive to be difficult situations or people. We flow with life more easily and effortlessly. 

A person can rise up through the efforts of his own mind, or in the same way, drag himself down. Be the master of your ANTs.


“As you gain control of your mind, with the help of your higher Self, then your mind and ego become your allies. But the uncontrolled mind behaves like an enemy.” 

- Bhagavad Gita 6:6



1 Wiggins, L. (2002) The DaffiAnt Syndrome. Australian Yoga Life (4), 2002, p5. & (5), 2003, p5.







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