The Role of Static Magnetic Fields in Anti-Ageing

Posted by Kathy Pedersen on March 07, 2013

...Kathy Pedersen presents the Qi beauty Two-Day Intensive Training course beginning with an explanation of the role of static magnetic fields (SMFs), piezoelectric effect and acupuncture meridians in the Qi beauty facial treatments. Practitioners are taught the techniques of bridging, chaining and matrix adaptation to change the appearance of skin.

Demonstration and participation of the 12 steps of the Qi beauty activation techniques combining science and the art of Qi in the creation of a facial matrix to initiate cellular adaptation within lipid bilayers.

Hands-on training with performance of several treatments throughout the training to observe the natural biological response to an SMF, combined with meridian stimulation to encourage natural repair, efficient regeneration and with increased circulation.

The piezoelectric effect on dermal and epidermal function are realised during the performance of Qi beauty lift protocols while working 6mm below the stratum corneum without needles.

Learn the science of perfusion within an SMF to allow transportation of subdermal nutrients with micro circulation

Master protocols that improve skin health using clinically tested protocols and delivery methods designed to improve the overall health and appearance of skin and maintain a level of stimulation for long-term age control:

  • Tissue oxygenation for alkalisation and decongestion
  • Skin pH compatibility for sensitivities
  • Vaso-normative protocols for capillaries


  • Demonstration and explanation of techniques include ‘chaining’ to create a magnetic field, bridging to connect acupuncture points within facial lines, and anchoring to motor points and creating reservoirs to bring volume.
  • The science behind the techniques will be explored with explanation of the role of bio-regulatory and regenerative effects of static magnetic fields.
  • Kathy Pedersen explains the techniques of the facial treatments using clinical trial evidence and exploring a range of case studies for practitioners to examine.
  • The role of skin flora and the Qi beauty detoxification treatment using reverse protocols will add another dimension to the theory of Qi beauty.
  • The pathway to alkalisation of human skin will be demonstrated, followed by practitioner participation.
  • Qi beauty training is a hands-on experience; practitioners are encouraged to embrace the unique treatment by performing multiple facials throughout the course to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the theory and techniques.


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