Psych-Energetics™ - A Personal Transformational Mind Body Medicine Modality

Posted by Integral Health Services on August 29, 2011

Psych-energetics combines various holistic natural therapies based in Chinese Medicines acupuncture system, reflex points from chiropractics and osteopathy used in kinesiology with behavioural change techniques adapted from neuro-linguistic programming, energy psychology, ancient healing arts and modern personal development technologies. The synthesis and diversity of methodologies utilised in Psych-energetics effectively accesses the mind and body via the energy matrix and the subconscious to facilitate balance, transformation and success in all areas of life.


Psych-energetics was developed by kinesiology practitioner Lyn Treloar, director of integral Health Services and one of Australia’s expert kinesiology course authors and trainers.


“This unique merging has given birth to a profound transformational kinesiology modality that is highly versatile and effective in its application and outcomes,” says Treloar.


The Benefits of Psych-energetics

Psych-energetics works toward balancing the non-physical energy and not in treating medically diagnosed diseases or psycho-emotional conditions.  Although, due to the versatility of the assessment procedures and techniques, the application of Psych-energetics lends itself to improve all areas of human potential with benefits vast and far-reaching, offering assistance to uplift and relieve aspects such as:


·       Personalised evaluation and lifestyle support

·       Discovery of the underlying contributing factors blocking your success

·       Release of the psycho-emotional blocks creating stress

·       Enhanced relationships – self and others

·       Transformation of behaviours and attitudes that no longer work

·       Improved health, well-being and vitality

·       Clearing of sabotage patterns

·       Learn effective techniques for dealing with emotions and stress

·       Heal your past and recreate your future

·       Effective and powerful methods for setting and achieving goals

·       Personal awareness, empowerment and fulfillment

·       Improved self confidence and self image

·       Achieve real and lasting results

·       Change personal and professional difficulties

·       Deal with fears, panic, phobias and trauma

·       Assists addictive patterns and habits

Origins of Kinesiology

Australians now spend over one billion annually on natural therapies. Of these natural therapies, Kinesiology, now practised in over 104 countries, has experienced one of the most rapid growths and has recently been classified by the Australian National Training Association as a complementary medicine. Subsequently some of Australia's major health funds are now including Kinesiology in their rebate schemes.

The peak body for Kinesiology in Australia, the Australian Kinesiology Association numbers are growing with registered professional practitioners, and also some of the most highly respected kinesiology researchers and teachers in the world.

The association defines Kinesiology as: “…encompassing holistic health disciplines which use the art of muscle monitoring to access information about a person's well-being.  It combines Western techniques and Eastern wisdom to promote physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Kinesiology identifies the elements, which inhibit the body's natural internal energies and accesses the life enhancing potential within the individual."

In the 1970s American chiropractor Dr George Goodheart developed Applied Kinesiology.  Goodheart incorporated reflex points from both osteopathy and chiropractics and embraced techniques derived from Chinese medicine using acupressure and the five element theory of the meridian system - the framework of many kinesiology modalities today.  In terms of its dual East-West roots, Kinesiology actually goes back thousands of years.

Today Psych-energetics extends the traditions of Kinesiology in its own distinctive fashion.

Psych-energetics is a branch of Kinesiology that has been endorsed by the profession as a unique and powerful system of mind-body medicine.  The combination of various techniques together with Psych-energetics own carefully researched and developed assessment and treatment protocols and the universally employed kinesiology techniques have resulted in the creation of Psych-energetics.”

A Quantum Leap

A leap of consciousness seems to be the key to transformation, and this is an area we work toward with our clients in Psych-energetics™.  The word quantum is used when a scientist thinks of sudden changes, indicating a leap from one level of functioning to a higher level – a quantum leap – the leap to an advanced position, and the irreducible level of force, can be associated to the healing mechanism. 

Deepak Chopra’s says “The human body is controlled by a network of intelligence grounded in quantum reality, not a superficial psychological state; this intelligence lies deep enough to change the basic patterns that design our physiology.”  Deepak goes on to discuss in his books the ample evidence demonstrating our ability to create our own reality.

How does Psych-energetics work?

Psych-energetics focuses on assisting a person to become aware of the changes they require in a very measurable and specific way.  Using the kinesiology bio-feedback mechanism of muscle response testing, the practitioner “taps” into the subconscious mind via the muscles and nervous system.

There are a number of different ways to apply muscle response testing. One of the most common and simple procedures is when the patient is asked to extend and hold their arm at approximately a 30-degree angle in front of their body, while the practitioner applies gentle pressure to his or her arm.

The practitioner looks for subtle changes displayed by the client’s muscle responses. These changes constantly give the practitioner feedback that determines what is blocking the client from reaching their goal.   Muscle response testing is then applied to determine the preferable techniques for treatment and the appropriate home reinforcement programme to further support the client and the changes they wish to make.  This then re-establishes the body’s innate healing capability, which is always seeking wholeness and homeostasis as its natural condition.

What to expect from a Psych-energetics treatment

During a Psych-energetics consultation the client remains fully clothed. Once comprehensive client history is obtained, clarification of the ‘problem’ or ‘goal’ in question is gained, the muscle response testing procedure begins.

A Psych-energetic assessment may include goal setting and the testing specific neuro-psychological aspects, past genetic connections, archetypal personality types, and psychological profiles of the energy anatomy, behavioural patterns, unconscious emotional blocks or stresses in the past, present or future.   These procedures take place by touching specific acupuncture and reflex points, visual stimulus, the use of symbology and repeating statements.

Each Psych-energetics session is unique as it is determined by the responses gained from the client via muscle response testing, honouring the individual’s own process and healing potential.

Psych-energetics corrective methods borrow from a wide variety of healing disciplines that include various energy-based methods such as: acupressure, meridian, chakra and aura balancing, reflex points, neurological repatterning, neuro-linguistic programming, guided imagery, colour and sound therapy and lifestyle advice. 

Psych-energetics is very much about self empowerment and personal transformation and offers a personal home reinforcement programme specifically designed for each individual’s needs.  The programme may include meditation, visualisation, energetic healing methods and lifestyle changes.   These are all aimed at bringing your day to day existence to a settled, restful state, continuing the process of change and fortifying the foundation for healing, and wellbeing.   There are two techniques from the programme that stand out; The Inner Voyage and the Interactive Chakra Mandalas of which have been specifically designed as support tools for psych-energetics.

The Inner Voyage

The Inner Voyage is a powerful two-stage process combining life changing and transformational goal-setting strategies with a unique guided visualisation through the energy matrix of your body’s meridian system.  Together, this interactive and synergistic process is one of profound healing, helping to align the immense resources of our innate intelligence, energy anatomy and unconscious mind with our conscious desires so that we will naturally flow toward actualising our true potential.

The Inner Voyage goal-setting strategies will assist in identifying and changing the counter-productive patterns within ourselves and our lives.   The guided visualisations will then continue to address and transform these negative patterns by assisting to create, enhance and integrate more productive patterns.

Interactive Chakra Mandalas

It is said that the chakras hold the key to our spiritual awakening, psychological well-being and physical health, with each of the seven chakras governing a different stage of development.

The Interactive Chakra Mandalas is a set of seven chakra images that combines symbology, colour, affirmations, guided imagery and self exploration and self help tips designed to clear away the blocks and restrictions to the flow of your body’s major chakra system. 

The Interactive Chakra Meditations takes you on a journey through each of your seven major chakras combining colour, (specific tone and frequency of each chakra with melodious music individually composed for each chakra - CD only) and a guided journey based on the psychology and archetypes related to each of your seven energy centres to assist you to clear the blocks that have held you back and move you powerfully towards greater health and conscious awareness accessing your innate healing, inner strength and resources towards your greater personal and self realization, health and wellbeing.

All protocols are non-invasive, deeply relaxing and powerfully transformative. The innovative combination of assessment procedures, corrective techniques and reinforcement programme means that Psych-energetics is remarkably diverse and multifaceted in its application and outcomes.

Our subtle energy anatomy

The subtle energy matrix referred to as the meridian system, mapped out by Chinese medicine practitioners more than 2,000 years ago is one of the primary areas addressed within Psych-energetics to help clear away the blocks and restrictions to the flow of energy through the body’s meridian system.

The meridians are the conduits of the subtle energy referred to as chi, which flows to the muscles, organs, glands and major systems of the human body. Every part and process of the body relies on this energy matrix at all times.  If all is well, energy flows freely from one meridian to another, distributing chi evenly throughout the meridian system. If all is not well, energy does not flow freely and can result in physical, mental and emotional dysfunction which may eventually lead to disease.

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘whirl’ or ‘wheel’. This subtle energy system has been verified for thousands of years documented vastly in India and throughout the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, and recognised within many diverse cultures. 

The Chakras are cone shaped vortexes of energy that spin and vibrate within the subtle energy anatomy of the body, they are the mechanisms that draw energy from the universal life force and distribute it via the meridians and then out into the auric field, receiving and transmitting energy.  Without these energy centres the physical body could not exist, every part and process of the body and the entire being relies on this energy matrix at all times. 

There are several aspects to the chakras; the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  Chakras vibrate to different colours, sound and light frequencies and are in a constant state of flux.  The aura is the first energetic filtering system of our environment and is attached to the body via the chakras which then filter these energies. Chakra balancing techniques clear the physical body and help strengthen the consciousness so that we can better handle everyday stress, tension and emotional changes and assists to bring the mind, body and emotions into a greater creative flow.  Because we perceive a great deal of the environment through our chakras, a balanced chakra system can give us a more accurate view of the world.

It is said that the chakras hold the key to our spiritual awakening, psychological well-being and physical health, with each of the seven chakras governing a different stage of development.  With thousands of years of history and as many books written on the subject the existence of electromagnetic fields in and around the human body is now a scientifically proven fact.  Neuro-physiologist Valerie Hunt scientifically investigated the human energy fields over a twenty year period at UCLA . The use of computerised bio-feedback devices demonstrated that the application of hands on healing and prayer changed the energetic field

Psych-energetics and Neurological Repatterning

Neurological Disorganisation (poor brain integration) can be the result of birth trauma, illness, an impact to the head, poor diet, dehydration and emotional, mental or physical stress, all of which can alter our performance and behaviour.

Psych-energetics Repatterning is utilised in combination with touch and sound and what is referred to in NLP as the visual, auditory, kinesthetic and auditory internal dialogue eye accessing patterns.

All information processed by the brain is done via our senses and, depending on the kind of thinking an individual is doing; they will move their eyes in systematic directions.  This information can be from the outer environment or information that is stored in the memory.  The Repatterning is aimed at improving neurological organisation. This capacity for improved function is a medical term known as ‘neuroplasticity’. 

These techniques address the source of stress and performance problems by stimulating neural pathways between the left and right brain hemispheres and in turn the nervous system thereby enhancing neurological, bio-energetic and physiological function.

Psych-energetics and behavioural transformations

For centuries symbols have been used as a way of accessing the unconscious mind, the work of renowned Psychologists Freud and Jung popularising its use in therapy.

In Psych-energetics the use of symbology can be of assistance in addressing underlying contributing factors such as dysfunctional behaviours.  One of the assessments used has been adapted from the ancient medium of the enneagram.  The enneagram is used to assess archetypal patterns which may be expressed in balanced harmonious ways or be out of balanced in either extreme; positively or negatively. 

The purpose of incorporating the Enneagram is to further support self awareness and self responsibility so that we may become more conscious self-observers; a necessary step to change habitual reactions.  This leads us to conscious choice of our behaviours and attitudes, thereby living a more effective and successful life and fulfilling our true potential. 

The Enneagram personality type affirmations help reprogramme our behaviour, allowing us to first acknowledge the emotional problems, name our negative programmes and re-educate our neurology, bio-energetics and psycho-emotional aspects, making the unconscious conscious by shining a light on our hidden conflicts and contradictions, healing the way we think about ourselves.

The Enneagram helps us recognise that each personality type affects all aspects of our spiritual and psychological growth.  Everyone’s personality has elements of all nine types, although we will generally identify with a dominant personality type. The personality type into which we have developed early in life is less significant than how we use our type as the beginning point for self-awareness and personal development.

Each of us moves toward or away from the positive aspects of our type according to the habits and defenses that have developed throughout our lives from the choices that we have made, demonstrating our development and our limitations, depending on the direction in which we move.  The negative changes into the positive and we begin to see higher possibilities for ourselves. 

The corrective techniques of Psych-energetics allow deep healing and transformation to occur, creating a more fulfilling life and a healthier relationship with oneself and others.

Psych-energetics is unique in its adaptation of several modalities one of which is Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).   Developed by Richard Bandler and John Grinder, NLP uses language as a therapy and can assist with goal setting and changing or defining any behaviour to create optimum resourceful states and reach peak performance.

Heal the past, prepare for the future

Like many other healing therapies, a key principle of Psych-energetics is that if we are to move ahead successfully with our lives, we must first clear the past.

Clearing our past ‘traumas’ whether they are physical or psycho-emotional will have a direct effect in the present moment.   Psych-energetics allows you to go back to that point and clear the trauma from your cellular memory and the impact on the neurology and bio-energetic systems at that time.

Preparing for the future can also have a direct effect on the present moment. Most people can relate to performance anxiety of some kind, for example, performing or presenting in front of an audience, going for a job interview, or sitting for an exam.

Psych-energetics offers us, an opportunity to lighten the load. It is like a key that unlocks an individual’s innate healing potential; it is exciting to think where it can lead us and how it can awaken us to our true potential.

“Often it can seem too simple to have such an effective resolution.  But as the Chinese sages taught so long ago: A miracle is simply that which is divinely natural”.

By Lyn Treloar





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