10 tips for creating pro photos in Adobe Photoshop

Posted by Aries Technology on September 02, 2010

10 tips for creating pro photos in Adobe Photoshop
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Have you ever wondered how to take Professional Photographs? All Photographers are not 100% Professionals, these days knowing a few good tricks on a tool like Photoshop can do a great deal in helping project them as great Photographers. Gone are those days, where real pictures are real!!! Want to know how you can make your photos look spectacular? Here are 10 great tips for creating pro photos in Adobe Photoshop.

1. Make sure you check whether you are in RGB Mode or CMYK mode. CMYK mode is the best mode for print, and RGB the best for web publishing. Be sure that you don't switch to RGB mode after opting for CMYK Mode as it would lead to absolute colour loss.

2. If you really want a professional-looking photograph, make sure you go for higher resolution. Higher resolution gives you a larger file size, so you have a lot more to work with. 300 dpi is the minimum necessary for prints to look good.

3. Did your photo come out not quite as intended? Don't worry, with Photoshop you can seamlessly touch up these small errors. Photoshop comes with a variety of tools to streamline the process for natural-looking and professional-quality photos.

4. If the Image is a little bit blurry, then utilise some of Photoshop's sharpening tools to good effect.

5. Filters are great tools to add interesting effects to a photo, and can add different atmospheres to the photo. Photoshop has a wide variety of filters, but be careful in their use because overuse can make the result look tacky and ill-produced.

6. The best way tool to correct colours would be the curves adjustment tool.

7. To Create Professional HDR images, the Use "Merge to HDR, " found in the File menu.

8. The Brush Tool can be used to manually edit your photos for when you want a more precise touch.

9.Make sure you really want to apply changes to the real one. Sometimes original are more better than the manipulated one.

10. Perhaps taking a short course in Adobe Photoshop to learn how to get the most from the program.

Have fun turning good photos into pro


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