And the Oscar goes to...

Posted by The Actors Pulse on June 22, 2015

And the Oscar goes to...

Which nations are the real winners at the Academy Awards and which countries take out the wooden spoon?

2015 celebrates eighty-seven years of America’s arguably most awaited, discussed and prestigious acting award ceremony: The Academy Awards.

But when we are crunching the numbers of nominations throughout the years, what are we really seeing in terms of national dominance and diversity?

Nearly 1650 Actors/ Actresses have been given the honour and prestige of being nominated as best in their relevant field of acting.

Australia, in fact, happens to be the THIRD most successful country for actor/actress nominations with 30 Australians being nominated throughout the history, making up for just fewer than 2%.

Britain has held their share of nominees, coming in at second place with 17% of all nominees being British. 

So who took out first place? You guessed it! The USA, at an astounding 72% of all actors/actresses to be nominated over 87 years!

Similarly, over the past 87 years, three nations have held a share in winners of Best Picture Academy Award, but only one has dominated: The USA. A colossal 85% of Best Picture Winners have been American Films.

It wasn’t until the 21st Academy Awards in 1949 that American began to share the award with Britain, when ‘Hamlet’ was the first non-American film to take out the Best Picture Award. Britain’s success trails behind the shadow of America, at 14% of all Winners.

It wouldn’t be until the 84th Academy Awards that a third country, France, joined America and Britain’s success in the Award. 2012 French film ‘The Artist’ was took out best picture, and still remains are the only non-British and non-American film to do so.

So what does this overreaching national dominance mean for countries that fall under the undisputed minuteness of the ‘other’ category?

Undisputable and strong data such as this can be taken in one of two ways:

1)  America and Hollywood IS the world-dominant film industry, continue to produce the best actors/ actresses and should be rewarded accordingly


2)  As not only suggested, but so boldly stated by George G Scott in 1971 when he REFUSED to accept an award, that the Oscars are, in fact, “…offensive, barbarous and innately corrupt”.


Regardless of how you choose interpret such data and form opinions on issues of subjectivity and bias, objectively, the figures speak for themselves: The USA, indisputably, take the ultimate title of the Academy Award’s MOST successful country to date.

In 1956, however, The Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film was born, which allowed diversity to finally be formally recognized within the Oscars Film community. Since then, Europe has dominated this category, overwhelmingly (79%). Thus, it can be suggested that non American/ British films have been acknowledged and expressed whilst maybe not overall, but certainly in relevant fields.

Critically speaking however, national dominance can be an irrelevant matter, as an Oscar Award is not a precondition of wealth popularity or success. This is also known as the controversial legend of the ‘Oscars Jinx’.

While ‘The Artist’ best picture win in 2012 broke tradition and trend for The Academy Awards, and was a positive step towards diversity, the 2015 Best Picture Nominations are 75% American and 25% British, again emphasizing the evident bionomical dominance.

So what does the future hold for the Oscars National Dominance and diversification? Only time will tell…


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